Best Early Pokemon to Catch and Use in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Some early gems to help you on your journey.

by Elliott Gatica

One of the more overwhelming aspects of starting a fresh run in Pokemon games is to catch a party that will reliably help you during battles until the end. With hundreds of them being available to you at some point, you want to get the “best” ones early on. Worry not, we have created a list of some of the best Pokemon to catch early in Scarlet and Violet.

Best Early Pokemon to Catch in Scarlet and Violet

Alongside your starter, you should try to cover as many Pokemon types as possible so you won’t be completely swept by one type. Imagine going up against a gym leader that can use Pokemon with a full team advantage over you. That would be harsh, so look out for the following:



Ralts are somewhat uncommon but are quite strong when they evolve. When becoming a Kirlia, you can choose to eventually evolve it into a Gallade if it’s a male and using a Dawn Stone. Alternatively, you can evolve it into a Gardevoir. Both are strong choices. 

Ralts can be found in the area between Los Platos (East) and the Poco Path Lighthouse.



The biggest glow-up of Gen 1 Pokemon. Magikarp might be useless at first, but once you level it up to 20, that Gyarados is an absolute beast. It’ll stop knowing Splash and will have access to strong water, normal, and some flying-type moves to destroy the competition.

You can catch a Magikarp easily in the ravines by the Poco Path Lighthouse

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Dreepy (Pokemon Violet)


Dreepy’s final evolution, Dragapult, is a powerhouse of a dragon Pokemon. While it might take a long time to get there, the investment is worth it. Dreepy’s final evolution is up there in terms of strength next to some of the stronger Pokemon like Salamence and Garchomp.

To get a Dreepy early, you can find it in wetlands areas in East Province Areas 1, 2 , and 3, South Province Areas 4 and 5. They are extremely rare, however. 



Growlithe eventually evolves into Arcanine, one of the strongest fire types from the first generation of Pokemon. With how easy it is to obtain evolution stones, that Arcanine can be yours extremely early. If you want to catch one and get that evolution ASAP, look around the South Province Area 3.



Shinx eventually evolves into Luxio and then Luxray. It’s a strong physical Attacker, boasting mostly electric and dark moves. When you want to sweep a series of opponents or make catching certain Pokemon easier, this is your go-to Pokemon.

To get a Shinx, explore South Province Area 3. They are commonly found there.



This comically grumpy Pokemon turns into Breloom, a strong grass-fighting type. It’s quite fast, packs a punch, and can provide status utility like Sleep because of moves like Spore. 

If you want to catch a Shroomish, you can find one in the South Province in Area 5.

There is a good selection of Pokemon to catch early on in Scarlet and Violet that can prove to be extremely strong some ways down the line. They can also complement type advantages when going against the gyms, Team Star, and the Titan Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022

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