Best Kaveh DPS Build in Genshin Impact | Weapons, Artifacts, and Team Composition

Check out how to build Kaveh as a top-tier reaction based DPS.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: HoYoverse, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Genshin Impact‘s version 3.6 is set to bring to players the playable debut of both 5-star Dendro Catalyst Baizhu and 4-star Dendro Claymore Kaveh during its second wave of banners. But how should you build Kaveh? Now, here’s a build sure to bring you the best out of Sumeru’s most talented Architect.

The Best Artifact Sets for DPS Kaveh

As the optimal role for him will be that of an on-field or Burst reaction/based DPS focused on enabling/boosting/triggering reactions (in special those related to Bloom), the best artifact set for Kaveh will be either a 4-piece Flower of Paradise Lost or a 4-piece Deepwood Memories.

The 4-piece Flower of Paradise Lost is recommended for those who will have Kaveh trigger the reactions, given the set’s ability to increase his EM as well as massively boost his Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon damage.

Using a 4-piece Deepwood Memories will be the best for those looking to use him as an enabler, as the set will allow you to massively increase the damage of the cores created by Bloom by decreasing the Dendro resistance of targets.

Unfortunately for all who hoped to pair him up with Alhaitham in meta compositions, Kaveh’s focus on on-field effects makes him unable to work well with other on-field DPS’ and unable to excel in any kind of Spread/Vaporize scenario.

Recommended Stats and Substats

Main-stat wise, given that our build will be focused on increasing both his reaction and elemental damage, we recommend that you focus on Elemental Mastery above all else. When looking a substats, we advise you to focus on EM and ER.

To recap, you can check out the best main and substats for each artifact piece below, no matter which of the sets you choose:

  • Flower of Life: HP% (Substats: ER and EM)
  • Plume of Death: ATK% (Substats: ER and EM)
  • Sands of Eon: EM% (Substats: ER and EM)
  • Goblet of Eonothem: EM% (Substats: ER and EM)
  • Circlet of Logos: EM% (Substats: ER and EM)

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The Best Weapons for DPS Kaveh

As our build will be focused on increasing his EM value, the best weapons for him will all provide you with a good amount of it. With that said, the best overall weapons for Kaveh will be either a fully refined Makhaira Aquamarine or a fully refined Mailed Flower.

While Makhaira Aquamarine is great for Kaveh given its great EM substat and ability to buff the whole party’s ATK based on his EM total, a fully refined Mailed Flower will provide him with a total of 206 EM after triggering any kind of elemental reaction or hitting enemies with his Skill. Using the Rainslasher can also work well given its high EM value.

To recap, you can check out the best weapons for Kaveh below:

  • Best In Slot: Makhaira Aquamarine (R5)
  • Alternatives: Forest Regalia (R5) / Mailed Flower (R5) / Rainslasher
  • F2P: Mailed Flower (R5)

What Talents Should You Prioritize?

As you will need to make use of his Elemental Burst and Skill (or vice-versa) at quick rotations in order to bring the most out of Kaveh, we recommend that you first level up his Burst, then his skill, and lastly his NA/CA.

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The Best Teams for Kaveh

As an on-field reaction-based DPS, we recommend that you make use of teams featuring Hydro characters capable of enabling off-field reactions, like Xingqiu, Yelan, Kokomi, and Nilou, the latter of which would be our main pick given her Bloom-focused kit and passive. Using Nahida as an EM support capable of taking his reaction damage to the stars while also working as a battery is also highly recommended.

Here are a few Kaveh team compositions sure to bring the best out of him:

  • Kaveh + Nilou + Baizhu + Xingqiu
  • Kaveh + Baizhu/Sangonomiya Kokomi + Nahida + Yelan/Xingqiu

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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