Best Reverse 1999 Voyager Build | Best Psychubes and Team Composition

A fine tuned build for one of the game's best supports!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Bluepoch, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Voyager can be considered one of the best and most versatile supports in Reverse 1999, given her ability to buff and apply the Counter status to your whole party, deal high Ultimate damage, and apply both Confusion and Seal to targets.

But like Bkornblume, although Voyager is a top tier, she will still need a well-tuned build to truly excel, especially in the late-game stages. Here’s the best Voyager build in Reverse 1999.

The Best Psychubes for Voyager in Reverse 1999

The best Psychubes for Voyager in Reverse: 1999 are either Brave New World or His Bounden Duty. Among the two, Brave New World is my main pick given how it will massively increase her damage through an 18% boost in Incantation Might, as well as a 12% damage increase to any incantation she performs following her Ultimate (Amplification Level 1). The Psychube will also provide her with an above-average amount of both HP and Mental DEF.

His Bounden Duty will be my pick for those looking to provide her with more survivability without sacrificing a lot of her damage. The 6-star Psychube will provide her with a 12% boost in overall DMG (at level 60) and will allow her to heal after defeating enemies.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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The Best 5-Star Psychube for Voyager

Yearning Desire is the best 5-star Psychube for Voyager, as it will increase her Incantation Might by 15% (at level 60) while also increasing the damage she will deal to debuffed enemies by 8% (Amplification level 1).

While the Psychube’s main stat is great no matter the character in question, its effect is a perfect fit for Voyager given her ability to apply Confusion by using Stellar Symphony and Galactic on Strings, as well as her Chorus Ensemble passive.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Using Her Second Life can also work great for Voyager, as it will allow her to heal the party by a good amount after performing her Ultimate. Her Second Life is my main pick for those looking to use her on team’s not featuring a dedicated healer.

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Reverse: 1999 Best Voyager Team Composition

Although she can be considered a universal support capable of thriving on all types of teams, Voyager shines the most when supporting DPSs with either CRIT-focused kits or the potential to thrive with good amounts of it. For that, the best Voyager team composition in Reverse: 1999 features her as its main support, Medicine Pocket as its main healer, and either Centurion, Regulus, or Lilya as its main DPS.

This team will shine by having Voyager’s ability to debuff and apply the counter status as its foundation, while also having in Medicine Pocket a guarantee that the party will stay alive no matter their opponents.

The Best F2P Team Composition for Voyager

The best F2P Voyager team in Reverse 1999 features her as its main support, either Lilya, Regulus, or Eternity as its main DPS, and Dikke as its focused healer. As you may expect, although this team will have in Dikke an excellent sub-DPS, her lack of utility will significantly lower your DPS’s damage.

For the fourth slot in all Voyager teams, I recommend the use of either a debuffer/sub-DPS (ideally Bkornblume) or that of a main CRIT-focused DPS.

This guide was made while playing Reverse: 1999 on PC.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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