Can You Use Ray Tracing in Atomic Heart? Answered

Atomic Heart certainly has rays, but does it have the tracing?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Mundfish

Ray tracing is a feature in modern games that many people want to see and experience. Atomic Heart is a new Bioshock-esque game that had its graphical quality hyped up by NVIDIA before the game was released. Now that Atomic Heart is out, does it even have ray tracing?

Does Atomic Heart Have Ray Tracing?

Similar to the HDR support, Atomic Heart does not have ray tracing. Though Atomic Heart was expected to have ray tracing at launch, the game does not have any ray tracing options or capabilities right now.

The devs at Mundfish have responded, saying that they are working on implementing ray tracing post-launch. While this is upsetting, Atomic Heart is still a gorgeous game.

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Whether you are trying to pass the Darwin Test or are just taking in the beauty of the open world, Atomic Heart is a visually stunning game. However, it is ironic that it doesn’t have ray tracing since the graphical fidelity of Atomic Heart was bragged about in NVIDIA showcases way back in 2018.

There is no news on when we can expect ray tracing to come to Atomic Heart. We know that it most likely won’t be locked behind the Gold or Premium Editions or the game which includes four post-game DLC. For now, we have to sit and wait on ray tracing.

If you haven’t tried Atomic Heart or are enjoying it so far, don’t let the absence of ray tracing ruin your experience with the game. Though having ray tracing in this already impressive world would be the cherry on top, Atomic Heart still delivers a great FPS experience without it.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023