Destiny 2: All Secret Triumphs for Aquanaut Title Season of the Deep

Here are all the Aquanaut Title secret Triumphs in Destiny 2.

by Noah Nelson
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The highest seasonal accolade you can get in Destiny 2 is a Title, and the Season of the Deep Title which is called Aquanaut, has two secret Triumphs. To get a Title, you need to complete all the required Triumphs, which is no easy feat. Here are the two secret Triumphs for the Aquanaut Title in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: All Aquanaut Secret Triumphs, Explained

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Before we get to the secret Triumphs, here are all the Aquanaut Triumphs explained and listed in Destiny 2 Season 21:

  • Weekly Wetwork – Complete the “Into the Depths” quest each week.
  • Challenge Accepted – Unlock all of the Seasonal bonuses earned by completing Seasonal Challenges.
  • Echo Relocation – Reset your vendor rank with the Sonar Station that can be found in the HELM.
  • Reprised Reckoning – Defeat targets with Season of the Deep weapons. You will get additional progress for Guardians.
  • Big Fish – defeat each unique boss in the Salvage activity. They rotate weekly.
  • Down the Drain – Defeat each unique boss in the Deep Dives activity.
  • *Pressurized Deep – Complete a Deep Dive with Pressure Trials active on each encounter. This is a secret Triumph
  • Quantity Over Quality – Catch fish at any pond. These can be found all throughout the game. You can find a full fishing guide in Destiny 2 here, if you need it.
  • Ambitious Angler – Catch an Exotic fish at any pond.
  • *Words and Action – Destroy each Pyramid object hidden beneath the Deep and hear Xivu Arath’s words. This is a secret Triumph.

There are two secret Triumphs for the Aquanaut Title in Destiny 2 and they only get revealed when you complete them. Secret Triumphs are only unearthed if you stumble upon the conclusion yourself or the Destiny 2 community finds it together.

How to Get the Pressurized Deep Secret Triumph in Destiny 2

The first secret Triumph is called Pressurized Deep and it’s complete when you complete a Deep Dive with a Pressure Trial active on each encounter.

There are three Deep Dives in total, with three unique bosses each. You can complete a Pressure Trial during every encounter by finding the glowing white light (it’s usually hidden in the corner of the stage) and having everyone in your Fireteam interact with it. Complete the encounter as normal as fast as you can, and then complete the bonus Pressure Trial section to get the Pressurized Deep Triumph.

How to Get the Words and Action Secret Triumph in Destiny 2

The final Aquanaut secret Triumph is only accessible through the hidden Broken Blades Exotic quest. I highly recommend you read our Broken Blades guide because it has many steps and is too complicated to explain here.

Basically, for the Broken Blades Exotic quest, you need to catch three Exotic fish, turn them in at the H.E.L.M., get all three Broken Blade pieces, activate all three Hive statues during a Deep Dive, and complete the secret area after the second encounter.

However, completing the Exotic quest and getting Wicked Implement isn’t enough to unlock the Words and Action secret Triumph — you need to find and destroy all seven Pyramid pieces available in the secret area.

Since I don’t have the patience or the luck to start and finish the Broken Blades Exotic quest, follow Profane Gaming’s, a Destiny 2 YouTuber, walkthrough of where to find all seven Pyramid objects in the Broke Blades Deep Dive section.

If you’ve been following along and have unlocked the Aquanaut Title, well done! It’s definitely not an easy one to do. Wear it proudly to let everyone know how much fishing you did. Now, you can focus on trying to get all eight meta Legendary weapons during Season of the Deep.

- This article was updated on July 5th, 2023

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