Destiny 2 Daily Reset Time: Eastern, Pacific, and More

When do the citizens of Destiny 2 sleep?

by Noah Nelson

After you’ve discovered the Destiny 2 weekly reset date and time, you’ll most likely want to know when the Destiny 2 daily reset time is, especially for your specific time zone. I don’t think I need to explain how time zones work to you, but since we all live in different parts of the world, the Destiny 2 daily reset time will be different depending on where we live. Here is when the daily reset time is in Destiny 2.

All Destiny 2 Daily Reset Times

Let’s get right to it. The Destiny 2 daily reset time is every day at 10:00am PT, 11:00am MT, 12:00pm CT, and 1:00pm ET. These are all the daily reset times if you live in the continental United States. If you live in the UK, the Destiny 2 daily reset time is 6:00pm GMT. Sorry, it looks like Bungie just favors the U.S. players.

The daily reset in Destiny 2 dictates a rotation in the Lost Sector for the day, refreshes bounties from vendors, and mods purchasable from Ada-1 and Banshee-44. That is basically everything that changes with the daily reset, but other minor things get a refresh as well. For instance, if the Destiny 2 servers are down, the daily reset time is when you can expect a hotfix.

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Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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