Destiny 2: How to Complete the Gone but Not Forgotten Quest

It's ghosts isn't it?

by J.T. Isenhour


The Halloween spirit is alive and well in Destiny 2 with the Festival of the Lost in full swing. As per usual, we have a tutorial quest to help ease players into the event activity and teach them the way to farm the event. This year the quest in Destiny 2 is called Gone but not Forgotten and it is giving some players a bit of trouble. Let’s go over how you can complete Gone but not Forgotten in Destiny 2.

How to Complete the Gone but Not Forgotten Quest in Destiny 2

Every event we always get a nice quest to teach us the basic steps to follow for the event and this year it is no different. However, this year’s quest seems to be a bit too simple in some regards and entirely misses a step of the process in other regards. The quest was also broken for many players on release which lead to even more confusion in the community as some players thought they were doing the quest wrong.

Step 1. Get Your Mask From Eva

This step is quite straightforward and can be done as you are accepting the quest. Once you pick up the quest from Eva in the tower she will offer you a selection of masks with different energy types. The masks will be on level for you to immediately wear and you simply need to choose one from her. You will need to level them up to fit your mods onto them, but this is a relatively cheap process and you can reclaim the materials when the event is over.

Step 2. Put on Your Mask

This is the step that seems a little too simple to be included as a hard step in the questline but it is. You need to exit your conversation with Eva and simply equip the mask you just got from her. Most players will already do this as it is standard practice to wear the event armor whenever you plan to participate in an event. The worst part of this step is you need to wait for the quest to actually update after you have put on your mask before you can continue the quest.

Step 3. Speak With Eva Again

This step is again quite straightforward but normally is a little bit different. For previous events, this would be the step where you need to go complete any activity with your mask on to get the Spectral Pages. This way newer players can learn all the different ways they can farm up Spectral Pages to use in the event. This year though, you just need to speak with Eva and she will hand you a set of Spectral Pages that can be taken into the event activity.

Step 4. Complete a Summoning Ritual in a Haunted Lost Sector Activity

This is the second half of the grind for the event. After you have acquired your Spectral Pages, you will normally take them into the event activity to turn them into Manifested Pages. In order to complete the summoning ritual, you will need to go into the Haunted Lost Sectors and progress through them until you see a point marked with a letter A through D. You will need to stand in one of these points until the ritual meter reaches 100 and that will complete the Summoning Ritual and this quest step.

Step 5. Acquire Manifested Pages From Haunted Lost Sectors

This was the step that confused a lot of players as it was broken on launch. Many players were experiencing a bug where Spectral Pages were not turning into Manifested Pages at the end of the Haunted Lost Sector and it was leaving them stuck on this step of the quest. If you just complete a Haunted Lost Sector normally, this quest step should complete and you will be able to continue on.

Step 6. Speak With Eva Once Again

After you get yourself some Manifested Pages, Eva will want to speak with you to tell you what to do with them. This means you will need to take another trip to the Tower and speak with her at the tree by the landing zone.

Step 7. Add Your Manifested Pages to the Book of the Forgotten

Filling out the book is normally the goal of the event and when you can fully consider yourself done with it. There are a few challenges tied to this that we will cover in a later step. This should be what you do after you convert a large stack of Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. The further you progress in the book the more pages you will need to turn in for each step ending at about nine pages per step.

Step 8. Speak With Eva

This would normally be where the quest ends. This year we have the addition of the Event Card system that adds a bit more progression to the event. Many players are unsure if they want to buy the Event Card but there are still free challenges you can complete in it. Since the quest doesn’t end here you still have two more steps to get through, but they can all be done without leaving the Tower.

Step 9. Claim an Event Card Challenge

The Event Card system that we saw during the Solstice event is back and has many players on the fence. Regardless of your opinion of the system, you will need to complete one of the challenges in order to finish this quest. Luckily this won’t cost you any money to finish as the challenges are free and it seems that some of them tie into the Triumph available for the event.

Step 10. Speak with Eva One Last Time to Finish The Quest

This will be the last time you are forced to speak with Eva during this quest since it is the final step. You simply need to talk with her again and be given a PvP-curated roll of the new Mechabre sniper rifle. It is nice that they hand this out but does defeat a lot of the purpose of farming for a god-roll of the Mechabre since this roll can work well in PvP. Still, you will wrap up the quest after this and be free to farm the rest of the event as you please. You can either farm tons of candy to buy bags or focus on getting through the Book of the Forgotten.

Either way, just make sure you make the most of this event since the weapons and drops will be gone until next year. If you need any ideas on what else to farm during the event, consider having a look at our Destiny 2 guides for what to do during the event and what god rolls to farm for.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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