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Destiny 2: How to Get the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle

The new pulse rifle in Destiny 2, Jurrasic Green

Destiny 2 has brought back the Festival of the Lost for another year and with it new goodies for all. This year, each class gets to dress up as a dinosaur for the festival. New sparrows and ships have been added as well. However, the most important additions are the new legendary weapons. Two spooky themes auto rifles have been added as well as a new pulse rifle, the Jurrasic Green. The new pulse rifle has a dino scale theme and is sought after by all.

How to Get Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

The new pulse rifle is rewarded to players upon completion of the event quest. To begin the quest players will need to speak with Eva Levante. Once the quest is accepted, you are given a choice of three masquerader’s cowls. the difference in the cowls is what energy type they have, so pick whichever you want. Once you have the cowl you will need to equip it and complete a strike. after completion of the strike, you should receive some spectral pages.

Now you will need to return to Eva in the tower and talk to her again. this will unlock the haunted sector playlist and the quest now tell you to complete one haunted sector. you can get the Jurrasic Green as a reward when you complete the haunted sector but it is not guaranteed. After you complete the haunted sector your spectral pages will be converted to manifested pages, the amount converted will be based on how many headless you kill.


After completing the haunted sector, you will need to return to Eva once again. You will talk to her and then be pointed to a book next to her. You will need to buy at least one page in the book with your manifested pages and talk to Eva for the final time. This will complete the quest and reward you with a Jurassic Green.

If you don’t like the rolls on the Jurassic Green you can farm it to get your desired rolls. In order to get more copies of Jurrasic Green you will need to complete a haunted sector and convert spectral pages while doing so. By converting the pages, the end loot will drop gear from the event, this can be either of the new auto rifles or the pulse rifle. These new weapons do have random rolls on each drop so you will spend the event farming to get the rolls you want for each gun. Just remember you need to get spectral pages before doing the haunted sector in order for the guaranteed loot drop. If you need any more help with Destiny 2 make sure to check out our other guides.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia.

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