Destiny 2 Mods: What They Are, How to Equip, and More

Get building, Guardian.

by Noah Nelson

Mods are an essential late-game tool in Destiny 2 if you want to build a unique Guardian that can do specific things. Though Destiny 2 is all about grinding for Godroll weapons and getting the armor with the best stats, mods are also an important factor you may not know about. In between trying to collect armor ornaments to look cool, here is how you can use mods in Destiny 2.

What Are Mods in Destiny 2?

To expand upon what was said before, mods are perks that you can equip to specific armor pieces and weapons. Each mod has an energy cost that must be met by your armor tier level. To equip the most and highest quality mods, you should try to get all of your armor pieces to energy level 10. To view armor mods, simply open the character menu and select a piece of armor.

Each piece of armor has a general armor mod slot, two armor-specific armor mod slots, and a combat style armor slot. The general armor slot is filled with mods that directly buff your stats and a mod should almost always be slotted here. The armor-specific mod slots contain seasonal mods acquired through the artifact as well as specific bonuses to weapons. The combat style armor slot is used to directly impact your build to make something unique. There are many abilities to choose from and many synergize well together.

To give a taste of the quality of life improvements Lightfall will make, Bungie announced that every single armor mod is unlocked and available for all players to use. Before, if you wanted the Heal Thyself mod, you would have to visit Ada-1 every day in the Tower and hope that it was one of the five mods being sold that day. With this massive change, every player has access to crafting amazing builds with mods.

How Do You Use Mods in Destiny 2?

With every armor mod at your disposal, you can use a combination of mods to create an extremely powerful Guardian capable of soloing the Spire of the Watcher dungeon. To use mods, you simply select the mods you want on each piece of armor. As long as you have enough energy on your armor, you should be able to slot any mod you want.

As mentioned previously, you’ll most likely always want a mod equipped in the general slot. Something to buff your Resilience to 100 is great but you can also focus on buffing your Recovery, Discipline, and Strength stats. In the armor-specific slot, make sure to equip mods capable of dealing with Unstoppable or Anti-Barrier enemies. After that, you can focus on buffing the weapons you use most. Lastly, the combat style slot can be used for whatever build you want, but it comes down to one of three: elemental wells, Charged with Light, or Warminds.

That is how mods work in Destiny 2 and how to use them. We’ve got guides on what the best mods are since it can be overwhelming, so be sure to check that out. For now, try your best to make the build you want and inspect other Guardians to get ideas on what does and doesn’t work.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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