The Easiest Way to Max Out Your Battery in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (Duplication Glitch)

The fastest and easiest way to max out your Energy Cell in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom using a simple duplication glitch.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Max battery Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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This guide details the fastest and easiest method to max out your battery (Energy Cell) in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. One of the key features that make The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom such a fantastic game is the ability to build — whether that’s a car, a tank, or a device to bully those poor Koroks. By expanding your battery, you’ll be able to craft more elaborate contraptions and use your vehicles for much longer.

How to Use the Duplication Glitch to Max Out the Energy Cell in Tears of the Kingdom

UPDATE: All known duplication glitches have been fixed in Ver 1.1.2.

Before you can utilize this method to max out your Energy Cell in ToTK, you must have visited the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths at least once. This is the area you unlock Autobuild in, so follow our guide if you haven’t done so already. You also need at least one Wood and one Large Zonaite.

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The maximum amount of Energy Wells Link can have in Tears of the Kingdom is 48. Every 100 Crystalized Charge can produce one Energy Well. Since you begin with three Wells, you need 4,500 Crystallized Charge to max out your Energy Cell.

In this method, we will trade 675 Large Zonaite to gain all 45 extra Energy Wells instantly. This seems like a daunting number, but with this guide, you can duplicate 5 Large Zonaite every few seconds.

Large Zonaite Duplication Glitch

Follow these steps to duplicate Large Zonaite (or any other material) in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Jump onto the small toppled pillar.
  • Jump off the pillar and quickly press the X button again to glide.
  • Press the + Button while gliding.
  • Select Large Sonaite and hold the maximum amount.
  • Press the Y and B buttons at the exact same time.
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  • 2023052223071100_s1
  • 2023052223070600_s1
  • 2023052221053300_s1

If you perform this correctly, you’ll have an extra five Large Zonaite in your Inventory. It took me a good number of attempts before I got the timing down perfectly, so keep trying until you get it to work.

If you’re struggling to time everything precisely, you can also glide from the small platform the Construct is shoveling from for more time in the air. The only requirement is that you can open your Inventory while gliding.

Trading Large Zoanite for Large Crystallized Charge

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Once you’ve duplicated enough Large Zonaite, it’s time to trade them for Crystallized Charge. Purchase the Construct’s entire stock from the Great Abandoned Central Mine shelves. Since you’ll need a lot more than 100, you need to reset his stock after each purchase.

To reset the Construct’s stock without leaving, follow these instructions:

  • Walk in front of the magma next to the Construct.
  • Open your Inventory and hold one piece of Wood.
  • Press the A Button and select Until morning.
  • Save the game.
  • Load the save.
  • 2023052221222800_s1
  • 2023052220595400_s1

When you load back in, you will notice another five Large Crystallized Charges sitting on the shelf, ready to be purchased. You’ll need to rinse and repeat this process until you’ve gained 225 Large Crystallized Charges.

Remember, one Large Crystallized Charge is equivalent to 20 standard charges, which is enough to max out your battery fully. That’s enough math for one article; let’s reap the reward for our efforts.

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How to Spend Crystallized Charges to Max Out Your Energy Cell

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Once you have 4,500 Crystalized Charges, or however many you need per your current Energy Cell status, it’s time to convert them into Energy Wells.

Teleport to Nachoyah Shrine in the Sky and talk to the Construct to refine your Crystals into Wells. Thankfully, they refine them all simultaneously and expand your Energy Cell in one short cutscene.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To recap:

  • Use the duplication method to obtain 675 Large Zonaite.
  • Purchase 5 Large Crystallized Charges.
  • Rest, Save, and Load to reset stock.
  • Repeat until you own 225 Large Crystallized Charges.
  • Refine your Crystallized Charges into Energy Wells.

While this is cheating, there is no risk of being banned due to Tears of the Kingdom being an offline game. The most important thing with any video game is that you have fun and don’t feel guilty about playing how you want to.

This guide was written playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ver. 1.1.1 on Nintendo Switch. This method does not work in versions 1.1.2 or above.

- This article was updated on May 25th, 2023

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