Elden Ring Smithing Stones Vendor: How to Buy Smithing Stone 1 and 2

Buy low-level Smithing Stones to get your weapons upgraded.

by Diego Perez


Looking to buy Smithing Stones in Elden Ring? Smithing Stones can be hard to come by, especially Smithing Stone 1 and Smithing Stone 2, which are the first two materials you’ll need to upgrade a weapon. If you’re constantly switching weapons, then you’ll find yourself needing quite a lot of these stones. Thankfully, there is a Smithing Stone vendor that sells unlimited Smithing Stone 1 and Smithing Stone 2, so you can have as many as you’d like as long as you’ve got the Runes to spare. Here’s how to buy Smithing Stone 1 and 2 in Elden Ring.

How to Buy Smithing Stone 1 and 2 in Elden Ring

In order to buy Smithing Stone 1 and Smithing Stone 2, you need a key item called Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing. Like other Bell Bearings in Elden Ring, this item can be offered to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold in order to expand their shop inventory. Handing the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing over to them will cause them to start selling Smithing Stones.

Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing Location

To obtain the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing, you must defeat the Crystalian boss in the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel to the northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia. The tunnel is along the northeastern coast of the lake. Once inside the tunnel, proceed down the mine shaft and you’ll find the Crystalian boss. The fight is not too tough, but you can check out our Crystalian boss guide if you’re having a hard time.


The Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing will be rewarded immediately after defeating the boss. Once it’s in your possession, fast travel back to the Roundtable Hold and visit the Twin Maiden Husks. Offer them the bell bearing and then you can find Smithing Stone 1 and Smithing Stone 2 in their inventory. They cost 800 and 1600 Runes respectively. They don’t ever run out, so now you can purchase an unlimited number of Smithing Stones to upgrade your weapons.

You can repeat this process with other unique bell bearings found throughout The Lands Between to add new items to their inventory. You can buy Smithing Stone 3 and Smithing Stone 4 if you want to continue to upgrade your normal weapons, or you can figure out how to buy Somber Smithing Stones if you find a special weapon from a boss.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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