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Genshin Impact Domains Guide

Know the difference between Domains to expediate your grind.

by Brandon Adams


Domains in Genshin Impact are pseudo-dungeons where the best rewards in the game are stored, but there’s a handful of different types you’ll need to keep an eye on if you plan to grind efficiently. In this guide I’ll break down what each type of Domain is, and what its rewards are. Fair warning: repeatable Domains have their rewards locked behind Resin, so if you don’t know what that is you can get smart on the mechanic with our guide here.

Genshin Impact has three types of Domains, though only two are repeatable for additional rewards.

Genshin Impact Domains are the diamond icons on the map, and the type of Domain is indicated by what’s in the center of the Diamond. Standard, repeatable Abyssal Domains have a blue orb in the center, while one time Advanced Domains and weekly Trounce Domains have a blue diamond. It’s important to know the difference, because you’ll want to unlock regular Abyssal Domains as they become available (Adventure Rank will play a role). The Spiral Abyss is technically a Domain, but the way it works makes it an entirely different beast deserving of its own guide.

Advanced Domains are much like the those you encounter during the story of Genshin Impact, and are worth clearing the moment you are at the correct Adventure Rank and character level to do so. The rewards from these are pretty decent, yet they don’t reset, so there’s no reason to wait on grabbing the goods. Trounce Domains share the same icon, but these do reset weekly. As of publishing this article there is only one Trounce Domain: Stormterror’s Lair, and you need to be Adventure Rank 25 to access it (this is of course after the “story” version of the fight). Trounce Domain and other weekly boss rewards cost 60 Original Resin to claim, and can drop 4 and 5-star weapons.

Abyssal Domains in Genshin Impact have different Adventure Rank requirements, though you’ll start to see these gradually unlock beginning at Adventure Rank 16 (Domains of Forgery, for Weapon Ascension materials). Afterwards you’ll need to complete the Prologue Chapter for the Archon quest and reach Rank 22 to unlock the initial tiers for Domains of Blessing, which contain Artifacts. Domains of Mastery, which hold Talent level-up materials, are unlocked at Adventure Rank 27. Rewards from Abyssal Domains cost 20 Original Resin to claim.

So, full breakdown by type, name, zone, and adventure rank are:

Domains of Forgery (Weapon Ascension Mats)

  • Cecilia Garden Mondstadt 16
    Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Liyue 16

Domains of Blessing (Artifacts and Explicit Sets)

  • Midsummer Courtyard Mondstadt 22
    Domain of Guyun Liyue 22
    Valley of Remembrance Mondstadt 25
    Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Liyue 30
    Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Liyue 35

Domains of Mastery (Talent Level-Up Mats)

  • Forsaken Rift Mondstadt 27
    Taishan Mansion Liyue 27


Remember, there are multiple tiers of escalating difficulty for each domain in Genshin Impact, so check in with each to see what the next Adventure Rank requirement is. Typically the highest are in the 30s at the moment, and the higher the difficulty tier the greater the “rarity” of materials dropped. Essentially, you should be knocking these out as they appear, and keeping both your character and weapons levels current with the materials you can farm.

A couple final notes before we conclude this guide: you can check what Domains are available in Genshin Impact by checking both the map, and the Adventurer’s Handbook. The map has a toggle on the bottom-left that will filter out everything but the Domains, and each will have their associated reward-type listed below their name. The Adventurer’s Handbook has a dedicated Domains tab that will list all the possible rewards, and allow you to place a waypoint on the map. Use these two tools to help filter out the noise when you get to grinding Domains. Final bit: you can use alchemy to convert lower-tier drops from Domains into higher-tier variants, assuming you are at the same Adventure Rank as the Domain in which those higher-tier items drop.

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