Genshin Impact Luminescent Pollen Locations | Where to Find Luminescent Pollen

Ready to do some spelunking? Find out where to get Luminescent Pollen in Genshin Impact!

by Shaun Cichacki


Making your way into the newest update in Genshin Impact, you’ll notice that there is more stuff to do than ever before. You’ll have to track down plenty of new materials, work on leveling up new characters, and so much more. It can be fairly overwhelming to learn where all of these new items and materials are, and we’ve got you covered on all of them.

If you’re trying to get your hands on the Luminescent Pollen, there is a very specific area that you’ll need to go to, so let’s take a look and see where you’ll need to head, and what you’ll need to do to start claiming them! Here’s everything you’ll need to know about where and how to get your hands on Luminescent Pollen in Genshin Impact!

Luminescent Pollen in Genshin Impact – Where To Find?

If you’re ready to start searching for this amazing item, you’re going to need to make your way, once again, to The Chasm. You’ll need to search for a few different types of Floating Fungus, including:

  • Winged Dendroshroom
  • Winged Cryoshroom
  • Whirling Electro Fungus
  • Whirling Cryo Fungus
  • Stretchy Pyro Fungus
  • Stretchy Geo Fungus
  • Stretchy Anemo Fungus
  • Grounded Hydroshroom
  • Floating Hydro Fungus
  • Floating Dendro Fungus

After you have taken note of these monsters, you’ll need to make your way into The Chasm and start hunting them down. You’ll likely be able to find them in these central locations on the map below.

The Chasm Fungus Locations


There are bound to be other types that are moving around in these locations, so making sure that you’re ready for the fight is a key part of this. While you’re down here, you could continue your search for different Starshrooms, as well. With these enemies, there is also a chance of Fungal Spore and Crystal Cyst Dust drops, so you’ll be able to knock off a few different materials from your list.

If you’ve found that you’ve collected a ton of Fungal Spores, you’ll also be able to craft some Luminescent Pollen, by combining 3 Fungal Spores and 50 Mora, which will give you a Luminescent Pollen to add to your collection.

And that’s everything that you’ll need to know about making your way into The Chasm in search of Luminescent Pollen! If you’re loving everything about this new update, make sure that you’re checking into our Genshin Impact Guide Section, where you’ll be able to find out the best DPS build for your new favorite characterwhere to find and how to beat the big bosses, and how to get into the region of Sumeru!

Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Mobile Devices, and PC.

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