How to Complete the Devious Thievery Warpriest Challenge in King’s Fall Raid

Time to take down the Warpriest.

by Noah Nelson


The Destiny 2 Season of Plunder raid called King’s Fall is live and it has a challenge when fighting the Warpriest boss called Devious Thievery that is very hard to complete. Raids are the endgame to Destiny 2 meaning the hardest obstacles and challenges you’ll face are here. The Warpriest is already hard, but getting the Deviou Thievery challenge is even harder.

Completing a raid challenge will give you bragging rights, no doubt, but it will also reward you with some choice loot. There is brand new King’s Fall loot on the table that you’ll want to score. Grab your best Warlock, Hunter, and Titan build because here is how to complete the Devious Thievery challenge in King’s Fall in Destiny 2.

How to Start the Devious Thievery Warpriest Challenge in Destiny 2

Warpirest is the second boss encounter and the Devious Thievery challenge happens there. Once you are in the room, split your team up evenly on the left, middle, and right sides of the room. You only need one Guardian in the middle as there aren’t any Wizards to take down. Kill all of the adds on each side and kill each Revenant Knight.

Once all of the Revenant Knights are defeated, have the middle Guardian step on the glowing plate in the middle. Here, you’ll need to look at the left and right platforms to spot a green glow and step on them in order. If you don’t see a green glow on either side, that means the middle needs to get off the plate and on again.

So, to pass this section, have the Guardian in the middle step on the glowing plate, look for the green glow on the left and right platforms, and call out the order of when the green glow appears. Once all glowing plates have been stepped on in order, you’re ready for the Warpriest Devious Thievery challenge.

How to Complete the Devious Thievery Warpriest Challenge in Destiny 2

Whoever steps on the final glowing plate first will receive the Brand of the Initiate buff. This creates a red aura that Guardians must be inside of to deal damage to the Warpriest. There are three stacks of Brand of the Initiate and a fifteen-second timer. If the timer ends, the Guardian holding it dies and the aura will be lost.

In order to not die or lose the Brand of the Initiate, one Guardian needs to leave the red aura, kill a Blight Guard Knight, and collect the Brand Claimer. With that equipped, that Guardian can now take the Brand of the Initiate from them which resets the timer and removes one stack. Once each damage phase of the Warpirest is complete, you’ll need to do this two more times until it is dead.

When the Warpriest is out of the damage phase, hide behind the obelisk on one of the sides to not take damage during the whiteout section. Also, as a helpful note, be sure to swap the Brand of the Initiate when it has a few seconds left to maximize the time your team has to deal damage to Warpriest.

To complete the Devious Thievery challenge, all you need to do is steal the Brand of the Initiate within a couple of seconds of taking the Brand Claimer. Once the Blight Guard Knight is dead, the Brand Claimer will stay on the ground for a while, which gives you enough time to coordinate with the Guardian that has the Brand of the Initiate. When there are a few seconds left, pick up the BRand Claimer and steal the Brand of the Initiate.

Repeat this process two more times and you will have killed the Warpriest and earned the Devious Thievery challenge. For more help on Destiny 2, or if you are curious about the latest and greatest, check out our Destiny 2 page. We cover seasonal God Rolls, exotic catalysts, quest guides, and much more.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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