How to Earn the Almighty Title in Destiny 2, Season 10

How to get the Season of the Worthy Seal, including the secret Triumph.

by Jess Menga
destiny 2 season of the worthy almighty title seal

If Destiny 2 players thought earning the Season of Dawn’s Savior Seal was a breeze, there’s even less reason to fear Season 10’s Almighty Title. Despite its name, the Season of the Worthy Title is less than mighty. As it stands now, there are only seven Triumphs that comprise this season’s Seal, which must be completed before the end of Season 10. However, it’s possible that more Triumphs will be added to the list as the season progresses. This article will be updated to reflect any changes that may arise.

Almighty Title Triumphs

To obtain the Almighty Title/Seal, it appears that Guardians will only have to complete a total of seven Triumphs. One of these is a secret Triumph, which we will reveal below. Each Triumph that is completed offers a reward of 100 Warmind Bits.

  • Full-stack Warmind Security – Fully upgrade all Seraph Bunkers. Total Score: 100.
    • Scavenger’s Den
    • Skydock IV
    • The Quarry
  • Resolved Bugs: Moon Legendary Lost Sectors – Complete each Legendary Lost Sector on the Moon. Total Score: 100.
    • K1 Logistics
    • K1 Crew Quarters
    • K1 Communion
  • Resolved Bugs: Io Legendary Lost Sectors – Complete each Legendary Lost Sector on Io. Total Score: 100.
    • Aphix Conduit
    • Sanctum of Bones
    • Grove of Ulan-Tan
  • Object-Oriented – Complete a Legendary Lost Sector without dying. Total Score: 100.
  • Algorithm Efficiency – Clear all three Seraph Bunkers in a day. Total Score: 50.
  • Secret Triumph: Hardcoded Victory – Complete a Seraph Tower public event without failing a single Support Tower charge cycle. Total Score: 100.

Please note that for Triumphs 2-5, credit will only be awarded for completions of the Legendary Lost Sectors found in each Seraph Bunker; not the Lost Sectors found out in the world. Completion of each of these Triumphs will reward a Guardian with 700 Warmind Bits, 650 points towards their total Triumph score, and the Almighty Title/Seal for Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy.