How to Fix the Overwatch 2 Queue Not Moving

Why is the Overwatch 2 queue stuck at 2,000?

by Noah Nelson


If you want to play Overwatch 2 and are stuck in the queue not moving, you’re not alone. Thousands of eager players wanting to try out Overwatch 2 are facing the Overwatch 2 queue that seems to be perpetually frozen. There are a few fixes to make the Overwatch 2 queue shorter. Here is your guide for just that.

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Queue Stuck at 2000

Many players are reporting that when they try to launch into Overwatch 2, they seem to be stuck in the queue, forever trapped behind 2,000 players. While you wait to hop into Overwatch 2, and pray that you don’t get the LC-208 error, there are a few fixes to make the Overwatch 2 queue shorter.

First off, you must know that the Overwatch 2 queue is not stuck at 2,000. That is just a placeholder to determine how long you have to wait until you get into an Overwatch 2 server. Though the Overwatch 2 queue size may rise from 2,000 or fall to the hundreds, it will always be hard to know how long you have to wait in an Overwatch 2 queue until Blizzard fixes this issue.

To shorten the duration of time you need to wait in an Overwatch 2 queue, switch your Overwatch 2 region to Asia. Many players who live outside of Asia have found success switching their region to Asia. Note that this can only be done on PC through the app.

If you have somehow miraculously made it through the queue and have entered Overwatch 2, you can begin to play multiplayer with your friends. But, players are also finding that their friends list isn’t showing up in Overwatch 2.

If you are experiencing any kind of error, you can find a guide to help answer your questions on our Overwatch 2 page.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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