How to Get Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

High tech items to set yourself apart in a primitive world.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image showcasing player holding a skull in a forest with a rusty helicopter nearby.
Image: Endnight Games

The best way to ensure your survival in Sons of the Forest is to get your hands on some high-tech gear as fast as possible and to do that you need tech mesh. Due to the fact that the island you are on is part resort and research facility, it is quite easy to get some gear that you normally wouldn’t be able to find in the woods. Let’s go over how to get tech mesh in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

Saying that you are able to find tech mesh is a bit of a lie because you won’t be able to find any around like you would some rope or duct tape. You instead need to find a 3D printer and print the tech mesh at it.

These 3D printers can be found in various facilities around the island. You will want to find one that you have ease of access to since you will probably be coming back to the printer multiple times.

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Once you have managed to locate a 3D printer, you will need some resin in order to craft any tech mesh. The rooms that house 3D printers normally have some resin stored nearby but you will most likely need to explore multiple facilities and stockpile some resin for all of the tech mesh and other items you will want to print.

Once you have enough resin loaded into the 3D printer, you will want to use the nearby laptop. This is quite a simple system, you hit one key to cycle the item selected to print and then hit another key to print the item. Items do take a bit of time to print, normally 20 to 30 seconds for tech mesh, so make sure you are not in damage when you are printing.

Once the printer is done, you will be able to grab whatever you printed off of the base of the printer. This will then free it up to begin printing another object.

What is Tech Mesh Used For in Sons of the Forest

In the current build of Sons of the Forest, you can only use tech mesh to create tech armor. However, this will probably change as the game gets updated.

This means you will want to stockpile a bit of tech mesh so you can immediately craft all of the new items that require it when they are added to the game. Luckily it goes into your inventory so you don’t need to worry about storing it.

Hopefully, the next item to use tech mesh will be some sort of high-tech ranged weapon. Maybe a bow of some kind that uses the tech mesh as a bowstring. That would allow it to still fit with the primal feel of the game but give you an advantage over the cannibals around you.

- This article was updated on February 26th, 2023