How to Get the Chaser Mount in Tower of Fantasy: Maglev Stalker and Magnetic Rod Locations

Want to claim a sweet new ride in Tower of Fantasy? Find out how to get the Chaser!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to get your hands on a new vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, there are plenty to choose from. However, one, in particular, has caught the attention of players, and that just so happens to be the Chaser mount. If you’re wanting to get your hands on this mount, you’ll need to partake in a bit of exploration, as well as be ready to grind against a specific enemy for a good chunk of time.

Where do you get your hands on the Magnetic Rod and Maglev Stalker, you may be asking? Let’s dive in and see where you’ll need to go, and what you’ll need to do to find these parts, so you’ll be ready to take your new vehicle for a spin. This is what you’ve got to do in Tower of Fantasy to claim this slick new ride!

Where To Find Magnetic Rod


One of the first items that you’re going to need to get your hands on, and by far the easier of the two, is going to be the Magnetic Rod. You’ll be able to find this one in the Rust Corridor, which happens to be in the opening area of the game. You’ll want to make your way towards the coordinates -830,470, or in that general area until you come across a large tower with a head on the top. You can also search for the Rust Corridor – Stronghold on your map and set a waypoint towards it.

You’ll want to scale your way up the innards of this tower, jumping and using your jetpack to reach areas that may be just out of your normal reach. Once you have reached the top, you’ll see a spherical treasure chest waiting for you, and you’ll be able to claim the Magnetic Rod, as well as a few other items to help you on your journey.

Where To Get Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy


After you have claimed the Magnetic Rod, you’ll need to find one of the four Vermin Brothers scattered around the map. You’ll be able to find them in these locations. If you don’t mind waiting in the same spot, you’ll be able to continue this fight once more after a 3 to 5-minute respawn timer, so you’ll be able to get quite a few fights in before an hour passes.

  • Rat’s Den – Astra
  • Anchorville – Banges
  • Loen Dock – Banges
  • North Signal Station – Banges

No matter where you go, you’ll be able to find one of these foes waiting for you, and you’ll need to farm them for a good period before you’re finally able to claim this final piece of the puzzle. They are an extremely low drop, so you may be here for a while. Maybe bring a friend along for the ride, so you both can farm some extra XP while you’re waiting. You could be lucky and come across it within a few fights, or you may need to farm them for over an hour before you can finally claim this prize.

And that’s all there is to know about how you’ll be able to claim the Chaser as your own! Make sure you’re checking out our Tower of Fantasy Guide Section to learn even more about the game, such as how to get more Gold Nucleus, why you need to upgrade your Suppressorand how long it takes to repair supply pods! Get ready for the ride of your life once you unlock this slick new vehicle!

Tower of Fantasy is available now on mobile devices and PC.

- This article was updated on August 14th, 2022

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