How to Unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Your own personal flurry!

by Kara Phillips
Image: Gameloft

The more characters you help in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the more vibrant the plaza will become, so it’s essential to complete quests and welcome new friends when possible. If you’ve got access to every biome throughout the plaza, there’s a chance you’ve already helped a great deal of the available villagers, but in a recent update, Frosted Heights has unlocked a new companion. If you want to unlock and welcome Olaf to your game, there is one central quest you’ll need to complete — The Great Blizzard.

How to Complete the Great Blizzard Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve begun the Great Blizzard by talking to Merlin, your first task will be to find clues as to what could’ve started the Blizzard in Frosted Heights, which can be found across the realm. Once you’ve collected the necessary clues, head to the wall of the cliff by the Blizzard and interact with it, which will trigger Merlin to request you explore the center. When you hit the middle, you’ll find doors leading to a large cave currently housing Olaf, except his buttons and nose have been stolen by squirrels.

After you’ve spoken to Olaf, it’ll become your task to chase down the squirrels and retrieve Olaf’s bits and pieces, which can be given back to him once collected to trigger the next part of the quest. Following this, you will need to speak to Elsa about who you’ve found and how you can get him out. Else will explain that you need to use your watering can by the Pillar in Frosted Heights, located east of the river. There’s a pool of sparkling water around the pillar, which is where you need to head. Use your watering can on the pool to unlock the next challenge, which requires returning to Elsa.

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After this, you’ll be asked to return to Olaf’s cave to see if you can unlock any memories. To do so, you’ll need to use your magical watering can on the various glowing points around the cave. One is to the right of Olaf, which will unlock the first memory, and the second is toward the back of the cave. Completing this activity will result in you being asked to locate a book to the right of Olaf among the piles of books and paper. The one you need will be glowing, which is a good signifier of where to head.

How to Craft a Dreamlight Prism

The book you’ve just picked up is about portals, and once you’ve spoken to Olaf about it, you’ll need to gather a few ingredients to help him craft a Dreamlight Prism. The following list describes everything you need to collect for this portion of the quest.

  • 10 x Glass
  • 5 x Purified Night Shards
  • 3 x Shattered Prism

How to Solve the Gemstone Puzzle and Finish the Quest

Once you’ve crafted this item and placed it on the pedestal in Olaf’s chamber, you’ll need an Emerald, Citrine, and Amythest for the next portion. These gemstones need to be placed on the pedestals in the chamber to unlock the portal, allowing you to reach in and retrieve the orb for the pillar alongside Olaf’s arms. To finish the quest, you’ll need to place the orb into the pillar and return to the chamber to speak to Olaf. Upon re-visiting him, you’ll increase your friendship to level 2, and he’ll become a frequent face around the valley.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023