How to Unlock the Breeding Pen in Hogwarts Legacy

Have your beasts multiply.

by Christian Bognar
How to Unlock Breeding Pen Hogwarts Legacy
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you seeking information on getting the Breeding Pen in Hogwarts Legacy? Adding the Breeding Pen to your four vivariums will allow you to increase the number of beasts and give you more access to rare materials needed for upgrading gear. You must do a few steps to unlock the Breeding Pen, and this guide is designed to walk you through those requirements.

Steps to Unlock the Breeding Pen in Hogwarts Legacy

You must purchase the conjuring recipe from Tomes and Scrolls to get the Breeding Pen, but players can’t do this immediately. Instead, players must first complete a main quest and a few side quests for the recipe to become available for purchase. Your good friend Deek requests these mandatory side quests in the Room of Requirement. Below are the order of quests.

  1. The Elf, The Nab Sack, and the Loom (Main Quest)
  2. Plight of the House Elf (Side Quest)
  3. Charles Rockwood Trial (Side Quest)
  4. Foal of the Dead (Side Quest)

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Deek will provide the side quests one after another when the main quest has been completed, so continue with the story until The Elf, The Nab Sack, and the Loom main quest becomes available. The quest is available about halfway through the game, or when you are near level 15.

It is during the “Foal of the Dead” quest where players get the opportunity to get the Breeding Pen. During this quest, one of the objectives is to purchase a Breeding Pen from Tomes and Scrolls, which officially unlocks this item for future use. The breeding pen costs 1,000 Galleons.

How to Use the Breeding Pen

To use the Breeding Pen: equip the Conjuration Spell, scroll over to Beast Items, and then click on Breeding Pen. Keep in mind that this item is enormous, so you will need an ample amount of room to build it successfully.

Run up to the post in front of the Breeding Pen and hit the button prompt. Select your desired species to breed, and you are all set. Note: Beasts take a while to finish breeding, so go do other quests and return later.

- This article was updated on March 6th, 2023