NBA 2K23: All Spawn Points in The City and How to Unlock Them

Spawn in and start ballin'.

by Noah Nelson


NBA 2K23 has a lot to offer and if you want to get it all of it quickly, you’ll want to set the best spawn point. No matter what you are trying to accomplish in The City, spawning in at the right location will make it all easier. Here are all of the spawn points in NBA 2K23 and how to unlock them.

All Spawn Points in NBA 2K23

First off, spawn points are closely tied to fast travel. Once you start the game, subways stations around The City will be available to you. You can also set each and every subway station as a spawn point. That means, if you find yourself needing to go to a particular area of The City more often, you can set the closest subway station to that area as your spawn point.

Here are all of the spawn points in NBA 2K23:

  • North Station
  • Wildcats Station
  • Knights Station
  • Arena/One City Plaza
  • East Mall Station
  • The Block
  • West Mall Station
  • Vipers Station
  • Event Center
  • Beasts Station

In order to set any of these ten places as your spawn point, simply open your map and select a station. You will be asked if you want that station to be your spawn point. Once you’ve confirmed it, you’ll spawn there until you ever decide to change it.

How to Unlock All Spawn Points in NBA 2K23

In order to unlock even more spawn points in NBA 2K23, you need to complete the Ronnie2K Rebirth quest. With each step of the quest, you will unlock a new spawn location. It is as easy as that, which is to say that getting to 90 OVR isn’t too easy.

If you’re looking for more NBA 2K23 content, check out our NBA 2K23 page. Whether you want to know how to use Rebirth to respec your MyPlayer or want to know what the best jump shots are, we’ve got you covered.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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