Phasmophobia Apocalypse: Everything You Need to Know About the Halloween-themed Event

Come trick-or-treating at the houses from hell in the Phasmophobia Halloween event!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell


If you thought Phasmophobia was already scary, wait until you see the Halloween-theme Event happening now! The Phasmophobia Halloween event runs from October 7th, 2022, until early November. This event brings fun in-game objectives you can complete to earn a new trophy for your display case. In addition, the main menu room has now been decorated with tons of spooky decor and effects to get you in the mood.

Phasmophobia Apocalypse Halloween-themed Event Details

The Apocalypse patch brought us a bunch of new content, including customizable difficulties, locations, and ghost interaction improvements. The update also includes a new Halloween-themed event and a challenge called the Apocalypse challenge, both of which allow you to complete in-game challenges and earn trophies for your display case. The Halloween event only lasts a limited amount of time, so don’t miss out!

To complete the Halloween event, you need to do the following steps in the Main Menu room:

  1. Nightmare Difficulty on a map without Heavy Rain
  2. Look for a Pumpkin Sticker on a location in the contract selection board

Note: You can complete the Halloween event objectives in single-player and multiplayer modes.

Once you are on a map with a pumpkin sticker, you will then need to complete the three below activities:

  1. Look for candy
  2. Light Jack-o’-lanterns
  3. Snap a photo of the ghost

You will earn a special Halloween Trophy for your display cabinet once you complete every location with a pumpkin sticker.

Look For Candy

Candy can be hidden anywhere on the map, so search every part of the map as you investigate the ghost. For example, you can find candy on a bookshelf, in a bathtub, or hanging on a tool board in a garage. Happy hunting! You will hear a sinister laugh after collecting every piece of candy, confirming you have found them all.

Light Jack-o’-lanterns

Remember that you cannot complete this event on maps with heavy rain as you will not be able to light Jack-o’-lanterns. Verify that a map is not raining before you start any objectives. If you see a map with rain, restart it until you find one that isn’t raining. You must light a Jack-o’lantern with a lighter or lit candle. The ghost can blow out a Jack-o’-lantern that has been lit, but you do not need to light it again.

Photo of Ghost

You MUST collect all candy and light the Jack-o’-lanterns before taking a picture of the ghost. Otherwise, it will not count. The ghost will also have a pumpkin on its head once you have completed the first two objectives, signifying you are good to take its picture.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Death will not invalidate these challenges. If you complete all three objectives but die, you are still good!
  • You will gain 5 sanity for every Jack-o’-lantern lit and piece of candy collected. We recommend you bring smudge sticks to help prevent dying while looking for candy.
  • If you struggle to find all candy on a map, raise your brightness to assist with seeing them.

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Phasmophobia is available through Steam on PC.

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