Pokemon GO Hisuian Voltorb Spotlight Hour Guide: Shiny Chances and Perfect IV Stats

Ready to catch 'em all? Find out everything there is to know about this upcoming Spotlight Hour event in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to add some new Pokemon to your team in Pokemon GO, the Spotlight Hour is one of the best chances to do just that. Each week, a new Pokemon gets a chance to shine, with the upcoming Spotlight Hour showcasing Hisuian Voltorb, who happens to be one of the newest additions to the game.

You’ll be able to work on catching as many of these PokeBall-shaped creatures as possible for one hour, with some extra bonuses, and maybe even a chance for a Shiny version. Let’s dive into all of the details, and see what you can expect when this next Spotlight Hour event goes live!

Pokemon GO – Hisuian Voltorb Spotlight Hour Schedule & Bonuses

Once this event goes live on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Local Time, you’ll have that full hour to find an enhanced spawn load of Hisuian Voltorb out in the wild. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve got as many Pokeballs as possible before this event starts, so you’ll be able to capitalize on the extra bonuses that you’ll get for catching as many Pokemon as you can!

As you make your way out into the world, you’ll be able to earn yourself x2 Catch Stardust, allowing you a chance to power up your Pokemon faster, trade more often, and so much more. If you’ve got some extra Star Pieces laying around, you can help yourself earn even more by using a few of these during the event, to make sure that you’re earning plenty of Stardust during this event.

Pokemon GO – Can Hisuian Voltorb Be Shiny?

If you’re looking to add another Shiny Pokemon to your team, you may be a bit disappointed when you find out that Hisuian Voltorb does not currently have a Shiny Version in Pokemon GO. However, if you are in love with the design, there is a chance that you may be able to find this Pokemon with a Shiny Variant in the future, as there have been plenty of times that new Pokemon get a Shiny Variant after an event, or after they have been in the game for a period. Make sure you’re keeping your eyes peeled for an announcement in the future that they have finally received a Shiny Variant.

Hisuian Voltorb Perfect IV Stats

If you’re looking to add a capable fighter to your team, you honestly can’t go wrong with Hisuian Voltorb. This Electic/Grass-type hybrid brings some great moves to the table, and with a balanced Strength/Weakness table, you’ll find plenty to enjoy if you have them on your team.

Hisuian Voltorb Vulnerabilities – 160% Damage Taken Hisuian Voltorb Resistances – 63% Damage Taken
Poison Steel
Bug Water
Fire Grass
Ice Electric – 39% Damage Taken

With a set of stats that is pretty even across the board, you’ll find a good attack, defense, and stamina rating for this pre-evolution of Electrode, so make sure you’re ready to take down your foes with Charge Beam and Thunderbolt as their main attacks.

  • Max CP: 1,010
  • Max HP: 106
  • Attack: 109
  • Defense: 111
  • Stamina: 120

And that’s all you’ll need to know about this upcoming Spotlight Hour Event! If you’re looking to keep up to date with everything, make sure you’re bookmarking and checking out our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where we cover plenty of topics, including 5-Star Raids, Mega Raids, different ways to use your Daily Adventure Incense, and so much more. Make sure you’re ready for your adventure by checking the Pokemon GO Server Status, and with all of your Stardust that you’ll earn during this event, master the art of Special Trades and Trading Distance!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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