Pokemon GO Slowpoke Community Day – Schedule, Bonuses, Evolution, Raid, & Shiny Chances

Get ready for Valentines Day... I mean, Slowpoke Community Day in Pokemon GO. Happy New Year!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Niantic

While Slowpoke may be the subject of many memes within the Pokemon community, likened to Internet Explorer in more ways than one, it seems this endearing creature is getting its own Community Day Event in Pokemon GO. Not only will you have the chance to capture the standard version, but the Galarian Slowpoke will also be out in full force. Let’s find out everything there is to know about this upcoming event, and what you can look forward to as it goes live!

Pokemon GO Slowpoke Community Day Schedule & Bonuses

If you’re hoping to get out into the world and capture as many Slowpoke as possible, clear some time from your schedule on March 18, 2023, from 2:00pm until 5:00pm Local Time. During this timeframe, you can expect to see plenty of Slowpoke in your local area, both in its standard and Galarian variants.

Alongside the chance to get more Pokemon than ever, you’ll also have the chance to redeem some excellent bonuses, including:

  • Increased Slowpoke spawns
  • x3 Catch XP
  • 3-hour Incense
  • 3-hour Lures
  • x2 Catch Candy
  • x2 Chance for Candy XL
  • Additional Special trade (2 per day)
  • 50% Less Stardust For Trades

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Raids During Slowpoke Community Day

If you’re looking to flex your battle muscle, you’ll have a few different chances to do so. After the event ends, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and maybe some friends to a battle against 4-Star Slowpoke & Galarian Slowpoke. While it may seem strange to see them so highly ranked, they’re pretty powerful little guys behind that dopey demeanor.

After the event comes to a close at 5:00pm Local Time, you’ll have from 5:00pm until 10:00pm Local Time to challenge these powerful Slowpokes in your local gym circuit. If you are strong enough to take them on, you’ll see an explosion of Slowpokes in the area surrounding the gym for 30 minutes after the Raid is complete.

Also, note that you will not be able to join these with a Remote Raid Pass, so only local battles will work in this situation. With all of the drama surrounding the Remote Raid Passes as of late, this may not come as a surprise, but it may be unfortunate for those living in Rural areas.

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Featured Attack During Pokemon GO Slowpoke Community Day

During this Community Day Event or up to 5 hours afterward, if you’ve gathered enough candy to evolve a Slowpoke or Galarian Slowpoke through their evolutionary lines, they’ll learn the exclusive move Surf, which is a pretty great move to have in your arsenal.

  • Trainer Battles: 65 Power
  • Gyms and Raids: 65 Power

Exciting New Evolution Method For Galairian Slowpoke

Players that were hoping to put their newly captured Galarian Slowpoke through their evolutionary line would normally need to capture 30 Poison-type Pokemon while having Slowpoke as their buddy. During this event, things will be a little different, as you’ll need to capture 30 Psychic-type Pokemon while having Slowpoke set as your buddy. No better day to have that happen than on Community Day, where capturing 30 Slowpoke will be no issue.

This will also last for 5 hours after the event, so keep on Raiding against those 4-Star Slowpokes and catching the leftovers to evolve these Pokemon quickly and easily.

Can Slowpoke & Galarian Slowpoke Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

As you venture into the world looking for a new Shiny companion, you may be hoping that Slowpoke could be your new best buddy. While Pokemon get added into Pokemon GO at a rapid rate, sometimes their Shiny Variants will not be available for a while afterward.

It seems that factoid changes today, however, as players will get the chance to claim both versions of Slowpoke as their Shiny Forms at the start of this Community Day event. Normal Slowpoke has been available as a Shiny for quite a while, but Galarian Slowpoke will be getting their Shiny Data for the first time, as well.

While they may have no competitive advantages, it’s always fun to find your favorite creatures with a new color scheme, and with multiple Evolution Trees available for these monsters, you’ll be able to appreciate them in a whole new light.

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Field Notes & Field Research Tasks During Community Day in Pokemon GO

If you’re more of a pacifist and don’t enjoy the battling aspect of Pokemon GO, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll still have many chances to capture as many Slowpoke as possible with the help of Field Research Tasks, and a special Paid ticket.

The Field Notes: Slow and Slower story will only cost $1.00, or your local equivalent, and will give you some new stories to follow along with, resulting and plenty of items and encounters with these two Slowpoke variants.

On the other side of the coin, there will also be free Field Research Tasks that you can jump right into that will give you plenty of encounters with these Slowpoke variants, as well. It’s a great day to take things slow and steady, but you may want to burn through these tasks to maximize your Slowpoke capture rate.

Slowpoke Stickers & Avatar Items During Community Day

Image: Niantic

And finally, to cap off Community Day in style, you’ll have the ability to gather up plenty of adorable Slowpoke stickers that you can attach to gifts and Postcards that you are sending to your friends, or even to your copy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to get an exclusive item to capture Gimmighoul.

Alongside these little stickers, visiting the Avatar Shop will let you purchase some adorable new items, including:

  • Slowpoke Hat
  • Slowpoke Tail Shirt

For those hoping to rep their favorite little guy, this Community Day could be the ultimate event. If you’re ready to capture as many Pokemon as possible, make sure you’re well prepared with an Auto Catcher, and some of the best accessories around for the game, as you want to make sure you can catch them all instead of catching a dead battery on your mobile device.

- This article was updated on March 2nd, 2023