Rainbow Six Extraction Objective Types Explained: Hunt, Specimen, Decontamination, and More

Here are all the mission types available in Incursions.

by Elliott Gatica


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction may seem to be a short game in terms of map selection and activities, but there is a healthy mix of modes to keep each mission refreshing. When joining into a typical Incursion, you’ll be tasked with three of thirteen mission types. Each one will have different objectives and require certain playstyles to be completed. Here are all the objective types explained in Rainbow Six Extraction.

All objective types in Rainbow Six Extraction


In this mode, you’ll need to find certain VIP-type enemies that count towards the kill counter. Your mission giver will brief you when the correct enemy is in your vicinity. Take enough of them out to complete the counter. It’ll then spawn an Elite Archaean that you have to kill.

Intel Operators like Pulse and Lion can help in locating targets easier if you do not have a Drone to scan out enemy layouts.


This mission requires you to locate a specific Elite Archaean and lure it to the LZ so you can then capture it alive. You should use Recon Operators or make use of a Drone to scan out its location. Upon finding your target of opportunity, they’ll be highlighted in yellow. Do not kill it or you will fail the mission.

Instead, take out any possible Archaeans surrounding it, especially the Nests. You want to isolate your target so you have fewer things trying to kill you. Just aggro the enemy with a pistol shot on a non-lethal area. It’ll then become aware of you and start to chase you. Run away from it, but not far enough to the point where it loses you.

Once you get to the LZ, interact with the console to bring up the gas that’ll then put your target in stasis foam.



This objective will have you destroying Abberant Nests. They glow green and spawn in clusters. Destroy all of them to expose the main one which you will then need to get a sample from. Be careful because once you kill a nest, the others will start spawning Archaeans even without being alerted.

Nest Tracking

You’ll have to plant trackers on unalerted nests. To plant a tracker, you have to go up to one like how you would perform a takedown on it, but instead, press your Interact button. If you kill one too many nests or make too many alerted of you, the mission will fail.

Use stealth options if available like silenced weapons and preventing Archaeans from screaming.


You have to perform a takedown on specific Elite Archaean enemies. To perform a takedown, you can follow that guide here. Killing an Archie will not count. First, you want to get as much intel as possible like enemy layouts so you can optimally perform the task.



This is a defense-type mission. You have to scout sabotage towers where you can plant explosives. Plant the explosives to begin a defense sequence. Waves of enemies will start to appear, so you have to fend them off. Depending on how many players there are, the number of points to defend is scaled around that.


Tremors have started to affect the area you’re in. What you need to do is find the three laptops scattered in your mission area. Interact with them in the correct order to stop the tremors. It isn’t easy as just finding a laptop and going on to the next. They’ll be labeled A, B, and C. You have to interact with them in descending order while also fending off the Archaean threat that looms.

It’s best to clear most of the Archies that reside between laptop to laptop so you won’t have them slowing you down or even killing you.


Serial Scan

You’ll have to locate an initial scanner that you can activate. It won’t be revealed to you from the start, so lookout for a mechanism on a tripod that has a lot of lasers coming out from it. This won’t damage you or aggravate nearby Archies. Upon interacting with it, you have to find scan area pads which are indicated by floating digital projections.

When you stand on a scanning pad, the scanning will begin. Nearby enemies will attack you in waves. If you stop standing on the pad, the scanning will stop. If no one is on the pad while scanning, the objective will put you on a small timer before failing. Get back on to prevent that.


In this objective, you have to find the VIP and bring them to the LZ or extraction zone. Use devices or Operators who can provide recon since your VIP can be injured if nearby enemies are aggroed.

Upon finding the person to rescue, you’ll have to carry them over your shoulder. This prevents the player from sprinting or using any gadgets or abilities. Only their sidearm will be available. If you’re playing solo, you should clear a path to bring your VIP to safety before taking them with you. A sidearm can only do so much.



A shutdown mission will require you to go to the extraction zone so you can pick up foam injector canisters. These foam canisters have to be carried to parasite towers. In this mission, holding onto canisters will limit you to just using your sidearm. No gadgets can be used either, and if the canister takes too much damage, you have to go back to LZ to pick up a new one.

Upon finding a parasite tower, insert the canister in the designated location on it. Depending on the size of your team, there will be more canisters needed.

MIA Rescue


In the unfortunate event that you failed to extract with an Operator, you’ll have to rescue them from their last known location. This mission is similar to rescue missions because once you have a hold of your MIA Operator, you have to bring them back to an extraction zone like a Rescue mission.

The only difference here is that your MIA Operator will be in foam stasis where you have to yank them out from this Archaean nest tree. Upon interacting with it, there will be nearby tendrils that will send red pulses to make it harder to pull the Operator out. Destroy them and the source where they’re being sent from to weaken the Archaean’s grip against you.

No One Left Behind

In the event that one of your teammates has fallen in your mission, the mission will then become a salvage operation. You’ll have to bring your KO’d teammate to an extraction zone. If you leave them behind, they’ll become MIA. Objective types like this will not appear when playing solo in Rainbow Six Extraction.



On the Cautious difficulty or higher, the final part of your three-part Incursion can be a Gateway mission where you’ll have to find the Singularity portal and kill a Protean. They’re the toughest enemies in the game that will require the best loadout possible and a good strategy. You also won’t be able to leave the fight once you start it.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A 2-hour trial is available for people who don’t own the full game.

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