Skyrim Wild Horses: How to Find and Tame Horses

Need help finding and taming all seven wild horses? Look no further!

by Noah Nelson


So, you want to find and tame horses in Skyrim? With the newest edition of the game, you can do just that. They can be difficult to find, but once you do, you can have your pick and tame one of the wild beasts. Here’s how to do just that.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition just came out and it is brimming with new and old content. With a polish to everything, there has never been a better time to play one of the best RPGs of all time. In the newest edition to the game, there is a survival mode, fishing, and so much more.

How to Find Wild Horses

In Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, there are new wild horses that you can tame. One of the best ways to begin finding and taming wild horses is acquiring the Horse Whisperer quest, which can be found at any stables. The quest will grant you a Map of Wild Horses and a book called Wild Horse Notes, which will be your best guide to finding all of the wild horses.

There are seven wild horses in all, and you can tame each one. Two recommended things that’ll serve you well before trekking out to claim your horsies are a decent Sneak level and the Detect Life spell. Detect Life will be useful in locating the horse when you are close to the mark on the map. From there, you will want to sneak up to the horse because it can get startled and run away.

How to Tame Wild Horses

To tame the wild horse, all you have to do is mount it and hold on for dear life until it stops bucking. Once you have done that, you’ve successfully tamed a wild horse. You can bring it to a stable to give it a saddle and a name. If you get off of it for a different mount before taking it to the stables, the horse will go back to the original spot it was found and need to be re-tamed.


Wild Horse Locations in Skyrim

Here are all of the locations for the seven wild horses. If you want the pleasure of finding them yourself with your own hard work and determination, beware of spoilers ahead.

Find and tame the Black Horse

This horse can be found northwest of Falkreath, just south of the map marker for Evergreen Grove. The book refers to nearby ruins, presumably referring to the Roadside Ruins to the southeast. This location is close to a necromancer’s ritual site, and the resident necromancer might interrupt the taming process if you get too close.

Find and tame the Chestnut Horse

This horse can be found east of Helgen, along the path leading to South Skybound Watch. This is just off the road, but be careful not to wander too far east lest you stumble into the nearby Falkreath Stormcloak Camp (if it currently exists).

Find and tame the Dapple Brown Horse

This horse can be found in the forest south of Solitude Sawmill, across the river but before you reach the dragon mound. This can obviously be a dangerous place to tame a horse if the dragon is still nearby.

Find and tame the Grey Spotted Horse

This horse can be found up the hill to the north of Salvius Farm. Beware the nearby sabre cats who will attack you and the horse if you get too close.

Find and tame the Pale Mare

This horse can be found among a group of snowy pines just south of Yngol Barrow.

Find and tame the Red Horse

This horse can be found on the plains of Whiterun Hold, northwest of Whiterun Stables. It is a very easy mount to locate and tame, particularly at the start of the game.

Find and tame the White Spotted Horse

This horse can be found directly west of Stony Creek Cave, west of the road, on a green cliff overlooking the volcanic tundra below.

There are so many exciting new adventures to be had in the newest edition of Skyrim. Especially if you haven’t played Skyrim in 10 years, there is so much incredible content waiting for you. Check out all of the major differences in the new update to see if it’s worth it for you. (My guess is that it will be).

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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