Where to Find Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts

Here's how you can find this important material.

by Christian Bognar
Small Kemono Shell Skin Wild Hearts
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Small Kemono Shell Skin is a material in Wild Hearts used for upgrading weapons and crafting new armor sets. This material can be hard to find, considering it is only in one region, and you must be at a certain point in the game to collect it. With pictures, this guide will walk you through the exact location to find Small Kemono Shell Skin so you can bring it to the Forge.

Small Kemono Shell Skin Location in Wild Hearts

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Small Kemono Shell Skin is found in Natsukodachi Isle when you reach chapter 3. You have to be in chapter 3 because this material is found off the “Invasive” version of the small Kemono, Grassghoul Decapod. Invasive Kemono becomes available after completing chapter 2.

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An easy way to spot a Grassghoul Decapod is by going into your Detailed Map option in the menu screen and hitting right on the D-pad until you reach Small Kemono. When you do this, a bunch of tiny dots will appear on the screen, which is a small Kemono. Move your cursor until you locate a Grassghoul Decapod.

You will find the Grassghoul Decapod on the detailed map, usually near the Ironsand Beach Dragon Pit. To make it easy to find this location, you can create a waypoint by hovering over the small dot representing the small Kemono and following it.

Once you find the Grassghoul Decapod, you must kill it and then collect the materials off its corpse. More likely than not, you will get Small Kemono Shell Skin, which you can bring it back to the Forge and use for whichever upgrade or armor you plan on crafting.

Now that you know where to find Small Kemono Shell Skin, take the time and learn where you can find other essential materials. Necessary materials include Bluestones, Corestones, Small Kemono Carapace, and especially Pet Kemono Tail Feather, which increases your health.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023