Where to Get Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Where can you find this small Kemono part?

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Serpent Flotation Cutis Location
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you looking for Serpent Flotation Curtis in Wild Hearts? This material can help you further upgrade your weapon down the skill tree and craft stronger armor. Wild Hearts, though, needs to make it more straightforward on how you can locate specific materials. There is a way to find Serpent Flotation Curtis, though; this guide will walk you through how.

How to Find Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Serpent Flotation Curtis can be found by killing Whipthrash Serpent, a small Kemono, located in either Akikure Canyon or Natsukodachi Isle when you have reached chapter 3. Players must wait until chapter 3 to obtain this material because it is found in the “Invasive” version of the Whipthrash Serpent. Invasive Kemono is only available in this chapter and beyond.

An easy way to find Whipthrash Serpent on your map is to go to your Detailed Map in either Akikure Canyon or Natsukodachi Isle and hit right on your D-Pad until it says “Small Kemono.” Here you will find dots scattered across the map, where you can use your cursor to find this Kemono and create a waypoint.

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Once you find the Whipthrash Serpent, you only need to kill it and then go up to the small Kemono and collect materials from its body. More likely than not, you will receive Serpent Flotation Curtis, which you can bring back to the forge to apply towards a weapon or new armor.

If you are having trouble finding other materials in Wild Hearts, we have you covered with tougher-to-find materials. These include Pet Kemono Tail Feather, Small Kemono Carapace, Corestones, and Small Scales.

Once you get used to how you go about locating these materials in Wild Hearts, the game becomes much easier to manage and more straightforward to upgrade weapons and craft armor. It is a time-consuming experience, but the payoff is worth it for your quest to take down all Kemono.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023