Why Is The Riftjector Seat Augment Disabled In Fortnite?

Why is this Augment missing in Fortnite?

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Epic Games

With the newest Fortnite season came the addition of Reality Augments, which are ways that gamers can help themselves out in battle with a variety of different skills and abilities. But, as often as new augments come out, it seems that fan favorites are getting disabled. The Riftjector Seat is the latest victim of this, leaving fans wondering: why was this particular augment removed from the game, and is it coming back at some point?

Why Was The Riftjector Seat Disabled?

While there is no official news as to why this particular Augment was removed from the game, there are plenty of theories spinning around in comment sections around the globe. One of the main reasons that this Augment may have been disabled is due to the annoyance that it can cause other players, working as a get-out-of-jail-free card of sorts.

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For those that haven’t dove into the latest Season of Fortnite, Augments can fundamentally change the experience in a multitude of different ways. The Riftjector Seat popped open a Rift that players could jump into at a moment’s notice when their health was too low, giving them a chance to escape, reheal, and get back into the battle.

Plenty of players loved using this Augment, and just as many players hated the ability to run away from a battle without any prior notice. Other players cannot see what Augments you are carrying, so someone could be holding onto this before earning themselves a Victory Royale by jumping away from the action to heal.

There is a chance that Epic Games may bring this Augment back in the future after retweaking it, but as stated above, there is no official news as to why this particular skill is now missing in action. However, with all of the action in the new Most Wanted mode, players have plenty of reasons to get back into their favorite Battle Royale to earn a few more Victory Crowns before the day is done.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023