10 Worst Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, Ranked

Are you ready to go up against some of these enemies in Hogwarts Legacy?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Hogwarts Legacy has a vast range of enemies for the player to defeat that are all fun to battle but some may get on your nerves more than others. Whether it’s due to interesting design decisions for the mechanics or otherwise, putting them within a list is always a nice way to keep track of which to look out for. This article will take you through our picks of the worst enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.

All of Hogwarts Legacy’s Worst Enemies Ranked

10. Mountain Troll

These have only been placed on the list due to their immense difficulty for a lot of people playing the game. There will be a lot of rolling around involved if you don’t know the key strategies to use while defeating them. As much as everyone enjoys a gymnastic session every now and again, battling a Troll fully with this method may not be the greatest.

9. Ashwinder Executioner

Another brute in the game which takes a lot of time to defeat until you get more powerful spells to utilize against this type of Ashwinder. Nonetheless, they are not near the bottom of the list for being the worst enemy and this is thanks to the fact they are very enjoyable to battle.

8. Inferius

Although Inferius can be fun to go up against when you have fire spells to hand — when you don’t, they can be living nightmares to battle. Because you need fire to make them vulnerable, it means you have to go back and forward a lot with your spell sets if you don’t have a spell like Confringo equipped. There are places where fire barrels are close by to help minimize this but the point still stands.

7. Loyalist Warrior

The Goblins have some interesting diversity in types which allows them to be great to battle. Warriors on the other hand are much the same and can become too easy to defeat at times. For any well-seasoned Wizard or Witch, you will make quick work of these Warriors.

6. Ashwinder Soldier

Soldiers of the Ashwinders on the other hand are similar to the Loyalist Warriors. Other types of Ashwinder such as the Duellist always have a trick up their sleeve. The Soldiers who roam the world do not and this is what puts them here. You can lock on to a soldier and deal with them without too much issue.

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5. Poacher Tracker

The Poachers are out to cause the adorable beasts in the game world all sorts of trouble so eliminating these enemies is always a pleasure. They have been placed on the list mainly because they can’t protect themselves too much and compared to some other foes in the game have less variation.

4. Thornback Hatchling

These are the tiny spiders that can swarm you in the game but usually, they do not really swarm a ton. Instead you just could end up playing a game of Whack-a-mole with them as they pop out from various places in the area. They can be enjoyable to fight in the darker caves but out in open areas of The Forbidden Forest — not so much.

3. Dark Mongrel

These animals look incredible and are beautifully designed but they do fall under the ‘wolf’ category of most games and are quite easy and simple to defeat. Lovely to watch from afar across the rolling hills of the Wizarding World but they can get repetitive.

2. Ashwinder Scout

These enemies can feel a bit like fodder at times, ready to get annihilated by any spell which happens along their path since they have no way to shield themselves. Whereas Ashwinders such as the Soldier enemy do have a bit more variation which is why they were further up in the list.

1. Great Spined Dugbog

Although absolutely adorable, the Dugbogs can be a nemesis of many players. They can be extremely tough to go up against if you don’t know how to lift them up. Dugbog battles are enjoyable fights when you have the key strategy down — but getting pummeled by their charging dashes can put many wizards and witches at their wit’s end.

No matter what enemies you are taking on in Hogwarts Legacy, having the best spells ready to go will ensure that you have an upper edge. There are many brilliant enemies in Hogwarts Legacy so these enemies are by no means terrible in terms of design/mechanics but definitely stand out slightly more.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023