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New Contra Game Teased by Konami

At the conclusion of Konami's E3 Press Briefing, the publisher teased what can only be taken as the next generation of Contra games. In fact, Konami didn't actually mention the game in any way other than showing the classic Contra blazing C, with tag line "They're Coming".

New Tracks for Rocksmith Revealed

Most people would agree that the music video game genre is often times an annoying one. Some developers have noticed the cash that can be made from kids wanting to "play" along with their favorite songs while the rest of us are victim to the incessant loop of over-played Aerosmith songs.

The Witcher 2 Confirmed for Xbox 360

Since it's release, The Witcher 2 has been very positively reviewed (including from us here), though it has received some negativity as players have noted that the game does not support 4:3 resolutions, creating large black bars during gameplay. For some, this has made the game unplayable as in-game writing is nearly impossible to read.

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