10 Best Anime Like The Rising of the Shield Hero

Do you want more adventures like the ones Naofumi lives?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Naofumi’s new life in The Rising of the Shield Hero has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. It has a world that feels alive and realistic, even with the addition of magic and mystical creatures and its episodes rarely ever feel like filler.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero is a breath of fresh air in the Iseka genre, as it takes itself more seriously than other shows with similar plots.  Fortunately for fans of the series, there are many other amazing anime that will remind them of Naofumi’s journey. Below, you can find a list of the best anime like The Rising of the Shield Hero.

A List of the Best Anime Like The Rising of the Shield Hero

The anime found below have been selected for how similar they are to The Rising of the Shield Hero. It may be because they have similar plots, endearing characters, or magic systems that will remind fans of Naofumi’s adventures.

10. Re: Zero

Screenshot: Studio Whitefox

Subaru’s trip to the convenience store turned somber when a portal to another dimension appeared in front of him and took him from his comfortable life. Shocked and without any knowledge of where he is, he begins walking without aim. His stroll takes him to a lonely alley where he is attacked by a group of criminals. Thankfully, he is saved by a charming and sophisticated young woman named Satella.

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His savior explains that she is searching for a man who stole her Insignia and asks Subaru for his help. Our hero agrees and together, they uncover the location of this heinous thief. When trying to fight him, they are both murdered, a memory that Subraru will remember vividly, as he has somehow awakened back in the past, just before meeting Satella.

9. The Eminence in Shadow

Screenshot: Studio Nexus

Despite his inconspicuous appearance, Kagero is anything but a regular high schooler. He has been training his body and mind since he was a child to become a hero of justice. Yet, his vigilante days end when he is hit by a distracted truck driver and dies. Shortly after the accident, Kagero awakens in the body of a noble child in a magical new world.

Armed with the skills, intelligence, and magical abilities to achieve his goal, Kagero becomes what he always wanted to be, The Eminence in Shadow. During his self-imposed missions, he will come across several young women trapped by a mysterious and evil cult that he coincidentally imagined to be real. Will he and his new allies be able to stop their villainous plans?

8. World Trigger

Screenshot: Toei Animation

As humans lived their daily lives, a mysterious and ominous portal opened on top of the Earth. From it, dangerous creatures known as Neighbors began crossing to our planet, killing any humans they encountered. Due to the aliens being immune to regular weapons, a new highly advanced set of weaponry was created, the Triggers.

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Several years have passed since the conflict began, and the world governments have created special schools to teach new generations how to fight Neighbors. Our protagonist, Osamu, is one of these students. Some bullies force him to enter a forbidden area where he is attacked by Neighbors. Just in the nick of time, he is saved by Yuma, a human-looking Neighbor who enrolled as a new student at his school.

7. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Screenshot: Studio Whitefox

Four regular students are summoned to a different world as the heroes of legend, destined to save their new home. Hajime is one of these selected heroes, who traveled with three of his classmates. While the other heroes received insanely powerful magical abilities, Hajime was left with a minor transmutation power. Thinking of him as useless, one of his classmates betrays him and leaves him for death in a labyrinth.

Angry and desperate to find a way back home, Hajime begins traversing through the labyrinth, fighting terrifying monsters. His path takes him to Yue, a vampire who is also looking for a way out. As the duo tries to find the exit, they encounter other heroes trapped in this prison. Accompanied by his new friends, Hajime will find a way to return home, not before proving to those who betrayed him how strong he can be.

6. Goblin Slayer

Screenshot: LIDENFILMS

Goblins are devious and ruthless creatures that enjoy inflicting pain. Nonetheless, most adventuring parties ignore the dangers these creatures possess because of their size and feeble strength. Such is the case of the group that the young Priestess has joined. Woefully, their inexperience and hubris caused most of her party to end up either dead or severely injured.

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Priestess is sure that this will be the end for her and closes her eyes waiting for the first strike. Out of nowhere, a powerful and stoic warrior appears, ending the Goblin’s lives in seconds. He is the Goblin Slayer, an adventurer known for his deep hatred of Goblins. Priestess decides to join him, following in his quest to eradicate Goblins wherever they are hiding.

5. Sword Art Online

Screenshot: A-1 Pictures

The Nerve-gear is the most advanced gaming console to have ever been released. This fully immersive device allows gamers to enter the world of their favorite games. Along with the console, a long-awaited game named Sword Art Online was released, quickly becoming the most-played game in Japan. Kazuto Kirigaya, known online as the warrior Kirito, is one of the excited players of this game.

After spending an entire day with his new friend Klein the two young men decide that it is time to stop playing for the day. Lamentably, the game is not letting them log off. It turns out that the creator of the game, Kayaba Akihito, has trapped them inside. If anyone outside tries to take the Nerve Gear off, or the players die in the game, they will die in real life. Kirito and his fellow players will have to beat SAO or die trying.

4. Overlord

Screenshot: Studio Madhouse

Momonga was an avid player of the YGGDRASIL, spending most of his time leveling up his character. On the day the game’s servers were supposed to close, Momonga logged into his account to explore the world that brought him so much joy one last time. Yet, when the time for the game to end comes, nothing happens.

Our protagonist is still inside the game, unable to log out. He realizes that he has somehow been transported into the world of YGGDRASIL, and now must live his life as the undead ruler Ainz. Without anything better to do, Momonga decides to use his status as the most powerful being in the world and become its ruler. Is not like anyone has the power to stop his ascent, do they?

3. Log Horizon

Screenshot: Studio Deen

Shiroe and Naotsugu are two young men who love playing the world-famous MMORPG Elder Tale. While Shiroe is a veteran who knows almost everything about the game, Naotsugu is a returning player who is still unfamiliar with all the changes made to the world. As the two friends play together for the first time in a while, they realize that they have been trapped inside the game.

Without a second thought, Shiroe began coming up with a plan to keep everyone calm and make the best of their current situation. So begins Shiroe’s life as one of the leaders of the trapped gamers. Along the way, he encounters a young girl named Akatsuki, who sees him as her mentor. Will Shiroe’s experience and brilliant mind be enough to keep everyone safe inside Elder Tale?

2. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Screenshot: Studio Bind

When attempting to be a hero for the first time in his life, a bullied and lonely 34-year-old man dies tragically. He awakens in the body of a small baby, with all memories of his previous life still intact. Our protagonist soon learns that he is named Rudeus and is now an inhabitant of a world where magic and fantasy are a reality.

By using his adult mind and fast learning skills, he becomes a prodigy in both magic and swordsmanship. During this new life, he is not alone, as he becomes friends with Sylphiette, a kind and cheerful young girl. Determined to not suffer as he did in his previous life, Rudeus begins a new life, surrounded by friends and people who love him.

1. Saga of Tanya the Evil

Screenshot: Studio Nut

Deities tend to be beings with massive egos who take offense when humans doubt them. Such is the case of the man who disrespected Being X, the deity of his world when he claimed that he did not exist. To punish the human, the god sent his soul into the body of a young girl named Tanya. Although, this new body does not come from Earth, but rather from another world where magic has been used as a tool of war.

Being X challenged the young man, now Tanya, to survive in this world, claiming that he would soon beg for the deity to help. To prove the power-hungry god wrong, our protagonist decides to join the military, quickly rising in the ranks and becoming infamous for her ruthlessness. Now, only a question remains, will the deity see the fault in his actions, or will Tanya beg for the supreme being’s help?

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