MultiVersus Deceptively Boosts Gold Rewards After Countless Player Complaints in Early Access

A Roundabout Way to Deal With Complaints Regarding Slow Progression.

by Weilong Mao


MultiVersus is using other means to cover for the insufficient gold that is earned from play sessions during early access. MultiVersus, a platform fighter featuring characters from the IPs associated with Warner Brothers recently exited its closed beta phases and has begun offering its game services to the general public in open beta, with cross-progression, cross-play, and a plethora of characters set to make their way to the live service, starting with Lebron James.

The fighter game features a free currency (gold) and a premium currency (Gleamium). Making account progress in Multiversus involves playing matches against bots or players to accumulate gold to unlock new characters and strengthen them with perks by leveling them up. The process of unlocking characters can be fast-tracked by spending Gleamium, a currency converted from real money, also used to unlock cosmetics such as announcers and the premium tier of battle passes.

Though complaints are not directly voiced against the game’s freemium model, the amount of time required to unlock characters in the game faces scrutiny. In the subreddit for Multiversus, players have tallied the gains from each match and what they contribute towards accumulating battle pass levels or unlocking characters. Without taking the daily win bonus into account, players allegedly earn up to 12 gold and 10 battle pass points per match win. A character is anywhere from 2000 to 3000 gold, while a battle pass level requires 800 points.

What this means is that players can end up playing upwards of hundreds of matches to diversify their character selection and to be able to pick up characters that didn’t belong to the starting roster. This game decision was criticized by the player community generally via making comparisons between the amount of gold given during closed alpha, which was considerably more generous and made for faster unlocks.

Questions regarding fair competition were also raised by community members, as perks also cost gold to unlock. Paying players could very much only spend gold on perks and unlock characters using real money, allowing them to deck out their characters with perks much earlier compared to non-spenders. This would grant them a gameplay advantage over free-to-play players until the latter has finished their gold grind.

The Developers for MultiVersus didn’t directly address such concerns but sneaked in a time-limited remedy. In the most recent patch notes, there is an event that increases the gold earned by 25% from the 26th of July to the 8th of August. The event is stated to be a welcome event to the open beta but is difficult to consider at face value due to the recent community controversies. The timing of this event is too coincidental, making players have reasons to doubt this to be the developer’s method of avoiding coming up with permanent solutions.

Nevertheless, players invested in MultiVersus will likely take this opportunity to accumulate more gold and hopefully grab a character or two before the boost is over. There is still a possibility that the developers would come up with a fix or a long-term solution later down the line, but this isn’t the case for the time being.

MultiVersus is available now in Open Beta on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.



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