Best Reverse 1999 Tooth Fairy Build | Best Psychubes and Team Composition

Check out how to build the only healer capable of providing CRIT support in Reverse: 1999!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Given her ability to heal efficiently, deal massive Ultimate damage, and lower the Critical defense of targets through her Baby Tooth mechanic, Tooth Fairy can be considered the dream healer for CRIT-oriented teams in Reverse 1999, as well as one of the game’s best when facing bosses.

But as all experienced players know, even the best of the best can only show their full potential when built correctly. Here’s the best Tooth Fairy build in Reverse: 1999.

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The Best Psychubes for Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999

The best Psychube for Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999 is Beyond Wonderland. The event-exclusive 6-Star is my main pick as it will empower her whole set by boosting her healing by 3% after she performs any kind of health-related skill and her Critical Rate by 7% (both at Amplification Level 1). The healing bonus provided by Beyond Wonderland can stack up to four times.

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If Beyond Wonderland is not an option for you, the best Psychube for Tooth Fairy will be That Inquisitive Dear. That Inquisitive Dear will increase her healing by 18% (at level 60), as well as allow her to offer extra healing after performing Empty Gums.

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Given how Tooth Fairy is able to deal massive damage thanks to the base damage and the Critical Bonus offered by her Ultimate, using Luxurious Desire or Thunderous Applause can also work well. Using Thunderous Applause on Tooth Fairy is only recommended when in compositions not featuring CRIT DPSs, as they will 10 out of 10 times make better use of it.

The Best 5-star Psychubes for Tooth Fairy

The best 5-Star Psychube for Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999 is Laughter and Laughter. The Psychube is my main pick given its ability to allow her to gain a 3% boost in healing at the beginning of each round for a maximum of four stacks (Amplification level 1). Laughter and Laughter will also decrease the damage received by her by 10% (at level 60).

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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If you are satisfied with her default healing and do not mind sacrificing any increase you may gain in exchange for damage, Tomorrow Also will be my main pick. Tomorrow Also will increase her CRIT DMG by 20% (at level 60) and the Critical Rate of her Ultimate by 10% (at Amplification level 1).

Reverse: 1999 Best Tooth Fairy Team Compositions

As she works as both a top-tier healer and a great Critical support, the best team composition for Tooth Fairy features her as its main healer, either Centurion, Lilya, or Regulus as its main DPS, and either Bkornblume as a debuffer or An-an Lee as a buffer. Using Baby Blue as a debuffer can also work great, but only when using Regulus.

This is the best team for Tooth Fairy as it will revolve around making use of her Critical debuff to guarantee that your DPS will score them constantly, all while also having in both Bkornblume and An-an Lee a top-tier sub-DPS/support capable of both packing a massive punch and further improving the team’s overall damage.

The Best F2P Team Compositions for Tooth Fairy

The best F2P team for Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999 features her as its healer, either Lilya, Regulus, or Eternity as its main DPS, and Sonetto as its main buffer/control support. This team will work just like our best overall, with the only difference lying in how it will also have in Sonetto the ability to disarm foes, although at the expense of damage.

In all Tooth Fairy teams, I recommend the use of either an offensive support or that of another main DPS in the fourth-party member slot.

This build guide was made while playing Reverse: 1999 on PC.

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