Can You Retake Classes in Hogwarts Legacy?

Back to school!

by Noah Nelson

Reliving your memories of submersing yourself into Hogwarts through reading the Harry Potter series or watching the movies in Hogwarts Legacy makes many long-time fans eager to get back to class. While you will be attending classes in Hogwarts Legacy, can you retake classes after the semester is over?

Hogwarts Legacy Classes, Explained

After selecting your house, you’ll be encouraged to attend classes next in the main storyline. Of course, you can skip these classes temporarily, but that just means it will take longer for you to unlock broom flying.

All of the classes from the books and movies are in Hogwarts Legacy and will teach you how to interact with the game mechanics in the game. After taking classes, you’ll learn how to make potions, how to grow magical plants, and much more.

The main quests will take you through every class in Hogwarts Legacy, but if you want to unlock every spell, you’ll need to complete extra challenges and see your professors after next period. However, after you’ve beaten the main storyline and have no more quests to complete, can you retake classes in Hogwarts Legacy?

The answer is no, you can’t retake classes. Once every spell is unlocked and all the main quests are completed, you’ll be done attending classes. Since Hogwarts Legacy isn’t a life sim, the classes in Hogwarts Legacy only serve the forward momentum of the narrative and once they are done, you won’t be able to retake any classes.

This may be good news for you! If you were worried that you were going to flunk out of Herbology or Divination, you’re in luck! Since you can’t retake classes in Hogwarts Legacy, that means you can’t fail out of any classes either.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023