Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Campaign May Be Disappointing, But Answers Are Coming in the New Seasons, Bungie Confirms

Hope is restored!

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

If you finished the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign and were filled with disappointment and questions, don’t worry. In the latest TWAB, Bungie confirmed that the story told in Destiny 2 Lightfall will continue to be told through the upcoming seasons.

When Will The Questions in Lightfall Be Answered in Destiny 2?

Season 20, which is the current season called Season of Defiance, Season 21, which will be called Season of the Deep, Season 22, and Season 23 will all expound upon the story told in the Lightfall campaign. More specifically, Bungie promised that the storytelling in Year 6 will focus on filling the holes between Lightfall and The Final Shape.

Bungie said that we will learn more about “The Witness’s origins, its objective, and the ways we can thwart it” in the upcoming seasons.

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This is extremely reassuring because while the Lightfall campaign was good, it focused entirely on the wrong thing. As Destiny 2 fans, we crave answers on who The Witness is, what The Traveler is doing, and what The Veil is. For an expansion whose main threats are those three things, we learned close to nothing about each of them in Lightfall.

Instead, Lightfall focused on Strand, Calus and his Shadow Legion, and Neomuna. While the story is genuinely amazing, with the context as grand as universal collapse, a cool new subclass and a small-scale siege with Calus doesn’t cut it.

For now, we can continue crafting the perfect Strand builds and unlocking the Lightfall weapon Exotics like Winterbite. We really hope Bungie delivers what they promised and answers to looming questions come later this year.

We likely won’t get answers to everything we’re curious about, but we are hopeful that the Year 6 seasons will deliver some much-needed context to what is happening in Destiny 2 right now. Like honestly, what is The Veil?

- This article was updated on March 2nd, 2023