Destiny 2: The Dawning 2022 Event Explained

What do I do during the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 event?

by Noah Nelson

If you launched into Destiny 2 today and were overwhelmed with the Dawning 2022 event, you’re not alone. Both new and returning players are feeling confused by the Dawning 2022 event which is absolutely on brand for Destiny 2. Because it can be extremely confusing, here is your guide to the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 event.

How to Play the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 Event

For starters, right when you launch into Destiny 2, you’ll want to visit The Tower and talk to Eva Levante. She will give you the first Dawning 2022 quest. You’ll need to open and use Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1 to craft a cookie. Deliver it to Commander Zavala and return to Eva. You’ll get the Cookie Delivery Helper quest and be sent off on your way.

This is where it all gets complicated. The main goal of the Dawning 2022 event is to complete the Event Challenges. By completing the Event Challenges, you’ll unlock powerful upgrades, work towards completing the Cookie Delivery Helper quest, and get good Dawning 2022 weapon rolls. By the way, it doesn’t matter if you buy the Event Card upgrade or not.

To complete the Event Challenges, you need to know what Essence of Dawning and Dawning Spirit is. Essence of Dawning is the main currency for creating cookies in Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1. You need 15 of it to craft a recipe and you get it by completing activities and bounties.

Dawning Spirit is another currency that is used to purchase event upgrades and roll for Dawning 2022 weapons. The event upgrades make enjoying the event easier and snowballs a lot more fun. They cost up to 40 Dawning Spirit each. You can get Dawning Spirit by completing Event Challenges and Eva’s weekly bounties.

You’ll also need ingredients to create the cookies. Each ingredient has a specific requirement like defeat combatants rapidly or with Glaives or defeat a certain number of Fallen. Each recipe requires specific ingredients, so be sure to check how to get the ingredients so you can make the right cookies for the Cookie Delivery Helper quest.

And that is how you play and enjoy the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022 event. Grab bounties, play activities, earn Essence of Dawning and Dawning Spirit, get the correct ingredients to make cookies, deliver cookies to complete the Cookie Delivery Helper quest, and ultimately progress through the Dawning 2022 Event Challenges. Oh, and have fun!

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on December 13th, 2022

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