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Genshin Impact Xiao Banner “Invitation to Mundane Life” Details

The "Conqueror of Demons" is Version 1.3's marquee character.

by Brandon Adams


Xiao make his playable debut in Genshin Impact during the first featured banner of Version 1.3. Not only will Version 1.3 usher in a round of celebrations for the famed Liyue Adepti during the Lantern Rite event, but a full story quest for Xiao as well. What better way to assist Xiao than to play as Xiao thanks to his banner?

Xiao Banner “Invitation to Mundane Life” in Genshin Impact runs from February 2nd until February 17th.

The Xiao banner – “Invitation to Mundane Life” – goes live with Version 1.3, which should be around 7pm PST on February 2nd. The Xiao banner will last until February 17th, when it’ll be replaced by the Keqing banner – “Dance of Lanterns“. Both of these banners last two weeks instead of the usual three, and miHoYo did confirm in the Genshin Impact Version 1.3 patch notes that there will be banners other than Xiao’s and Keqing’s during Version 1.3’s lifespan. Who those banner’s will feature is anyone’s guess (though I know who the majority of you are, ahem, pulling for).

Xiao is looking to be a powerful damage dealer, albeit a selfish one like Razor. Xiao will have a rate-up during his banner (0.6% drop chance) in comparison to the other 5-stars within, and the Pity Mechanic remains unchanged. Your 90th pull will net a 5-star, but it’s a 50/50 chance of being Xiao. Your 180th pull will be a guaranteed Xiao, assuming you don’t earn him prior. Your pity from previous limited banners does carry over, so be sure to check your pull history prior to pulling on the Xiao banner.

Alongside Xiao are three 4-stars with a rate-up: Diona, Xinyan, and Beidou. They’re all decent 4-stars, but they don’t hold a lantern to two of the 4-stars featured in the upcoming Keqing banner. They’re still worth having, but it’s safe to say the “Husbando Tax” is in full effect for the Xiao banner. I’d recommend waiting a few days to see how Xiao shakes up the meta before committing any pulls towards him: he looks great, but you don’t want to burn your pity (or actual money) on a character you may ultimately regret.

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