How to Complete the Human Trombone Challenge in BitLife

Sad trombone noises

by Kara Phillips

Completing weekly challenges in BitLife is the best way to make the most of the game and explore paths and lives you wouldn’t necessarily think to. Although some challenges take significantly more time to complete, like the Deadliest Catch Challenge, others can be done relatively quickly, like the Catch Em All Challenge, but regardless of just how intensive the steps to complete are, completing these challenges is an essential process for anyone looking to achieve the coveted Superstar Mode.

So, if you want to complete this week’s challenge, the Human Trombone challenge, then read on to discover each step you need to complete so you can get one step closer to Superstar Mode, all while potentially exploring some new features of Bitlife.

Everything You Need to Do to Complete the Human Trombone Challenge in BitLife

The Human Trombone challenge in BitLife is one of the more vague challenges the game offers players, but as expected, there are five steps you need to follow to complete the challenge. Most of these steps revolve around street performing and making a large sum of money, so as long as you have access to the Street Hustler Special Career pack, you’ll be able to busk until your heart is content and your wallet is full. The following list states the steps you must follow to complete the Human Trombone challenge.

While the steps to complete this challenge aren’t as long as previous challenges, you’ll still need to be 18 years old before you can start focusing on a career as a Street Performer. Since you have to make $500k, you should expect to spend quite a few years in the position to meet the mark. However, if you are constantly changing the street you’re working on and aiming to impress wealthier passers-by, you should be able to meet your goal in no time and tick this questionable challenge off your list.

- This article was updated on February 18th, 2023