How to Get All Achievements In Vampire Survivors

Find out all of the achievements available to you in Vampire Survivors on PC Game Pass!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re one of the many Vampire Survivors fans out in the world, you’ll be happy to know with the 1.0 Patch that went live, achievements have been added to the Xbox Game Pass version of this title. You’ll have plenty of reasons to keep diving back in, but now that you have more to strive for than ever, you may wonder what you can earn.

You’ll find that there are plenty of amazing achievements to earn as you fight for your survival in Vampire Survivors, and plenty of Gamer Score to add to your ever-growing amount. Let’s dive right in and find out what you’ll need to make happen, and if you’ll need to strap up with some garlic before going into the thick of it.

All Achievements In Vampire Survivors (PC Game Pass Version)

You’ll have a total of 140 Achievements to earn, and 1,200 Gamer Score that you’ll be able to show off when you’ve completed all of the tasks required. Some of these may be quite easy, whereas others are going to require some true dedication. Here’s every achievement available in Vampire Survivors when you play with PC Game Pass!

With the release of the 1.0 Updateachievements were added to the Game Pass version, as well as plenty of fixes to make the game perform better than ever before. What starts as a quick five-minute gaming session can turn into hours at a time once you get into the true depth that this title has to offer.

Achievement Name Description Gamer Score
Wings Reach Level 5 5
Crown Reach level 10 5
Hollow Heart Survive 1 Minute with any character 5
Runetracer Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina 5
Peachone Survive 10 minutes with any character 5
Arca Get Fire Wand to Level 4 5
Bracer Get King Bible to Level 4 5
Candelabrador Get Santa Water to Level 4 5
Porta Get Lightning Ring to Level 4 5
Duplicator Get Magic Want to Level 7 5
Ebony Wings Get Peachone to Level 7 5
Spellbinder Get Runetracer to Level 7 5
Empty Tome Have 6 Different Weapons 5
Fire Wand Destroy 20 light sources 5
Garlic Find 5 Floor Chickens 5
Clover Find a Little Clover 5
Magnet Find a Vacuum 5
Lancet Find an Orologion 5
Cross Find a Rosary 5
Lightning Ring Defeat a total of 5000 Enemies 5
Mortaccio Defeat a total of 3000 Skeletons 10
Pentagram Survive 20 minutes with any character 5
Hyper Mad Forest Defeat the giant Blue Venus in the Mad Forest 20
Hyper Inlaid Library Defeat the Hag in the inlaid Library 5
Inlaid Library Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest 5
Pummarola Survive 5 minutes with Gennaro 10
Stone Mask Find a Stone Mask 5
Bloody Tear Evolve the Whip 5
Holy Want Evolve the Magic Want 5
Thousand Edge Evolve the Knife 5
Death Spiral Evolve the Axe 5
Heaven Sword Evolve the Cross 5
Unholy Vespers Evolve the King Bible 5
Hellfire Evolve the Fire Wand 5
Poe Ratcho Get Garlic to Level 7 5
Soul Eater Evolve the Garlic 5
Vandalier Unite Ebony Wings and Peachone 5
Green Acres Unlock Hyper mode for 2 normal stages 5
Suor Clerici Recover a lifetime total of 1000 HP 5
Dommario Earn 5000 Coins in a Single Run 10
Krochi Defeat a total of 100,000 enemies 10
Tiragisu Survive 20 minutes with Krochi 5
La Borra Evolve the Santa Water 5
Thunder Loop Evolve the Lightning Ring 5
Reroll 1 Reach Level 100 with Mortaccio 5
Skip 2 Survive 30 minutes in Green Acres 10
Reroll 2 Reach Level 100 with Yatta Cavallo 5
Yatta Cavallo Defeat a total of 3000 Lion Heads 10
Lama Survive 20 minutes with at least +10% Curse 5
Skull O’Maniac Survive 30 minutes with Lama 5
Dairy Plant Reach Level 40 in Inlaid Library 5
Hyper Dairy Plant Defeat the Sword Guardian in the Dairy Plant 20
Milky Way Map Find the Milky Way Map 5
Coffin: Dairy Plant Find and open the coffin in the Dairy Plant 20
Song Of Mana Survive 15 minutes with Poppea 5
Mannajja Evolve the Song of Mana 5
Christine Get Pentagram to Level 7 5
Il Molise Unlock Hyper mode for any normal stage 5
Skip 1 Survive 15 minutes in Molise 5
Gorgeous Moon Evolve the Pentagram 5
Mindbender Fill 50 entries in the Collection 5
Coffin: Mad Forest Find and open the coffin in the Mad Forest 20
Phiera Der Tuphello Survive 10 minutes with Pugnala 5
Eight The Sparrow Survive 15 minutes with Pugnala 5
Phieraggi Evolve and unite Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow 5
NO FUTURE Evolve the Runetracer 5
Reroll 3 Reach Level 100 with Bianca Ramba 5
Banish 1 Fill 60 entries in the Collection 5
Hyper Gallo Tower Defeat the Giant Enemy Crab in the Gallo Tower 20
Sorceress’ Tears Find the Sorceress’ Tears 10
Gallo Tower Reach Level 60 in Dairy Plant 5
Bianca Ramba Defeat a total of 3000 Milk Elementals 10
Banish 2 Fill 70 entries in the Collection 5
Randomazzo Find the Randomazzo 10
Gatti Amari Survive 15 minutes with Giovanna 5
Coffin: Inlaid Library Find and open the coffin in the Inlaid Library 20
V – Chaos in the Dark Night Reach level 99 with Giovanna after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
IV – Awake Reach Level 99 with Krochi after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
VI – Sarabande of Healing Find the Randomazzo 5
XVI – Slash Reach Level 99 with lama after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
XVII – Lost And Found Painting Reach Level 99 with Poppea after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
XIX – Heart Of Fire Reach Level 99 with Arca after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
O’Sole Meeo Defeat a total of 3000 Dragon Shrimps 10
The Bone Zone Unlock Hyper Mode for 3 Normal Stages 5
Skip 3 Survive 30 minutes in The Bone Zone 5
Reroll 4 Reach Level 100 with O’Sole Meeo 5
XI – Waltz of Pearls Reach Level 99 with Imelda after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
VII – Iron Blue Will Reach Level 99 with Gennaro after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Coffin: Gallo Tower Find and open the coffin in the Gallo Tower 20
XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions Reach Level 99 with Concetta after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Vicious Hunger Evolve the Gatti Amari 5
Valkyrie Turner Evolve the Shadow Pinion 5
XV – Disco of Gold Reach minute 31in the Inlaid Library after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Banish 3 Fill 80 entries in the Collection 5
Magic Banger Find the Magic Banger 5
Shadow Pinion Survive 15 minutes with Conetta 5
Moongolow Unlock Hyper Mode for 4 normal stages 5
Skip 4 Survive 15 minutes in Moongolow 5
Glass Vizard Find and buy the Glass Vizard 5
XIV – Jail of Crystal Reach Level 99 with Pasqualina after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
XII – Out of Bounds Reach minute 31 in the Gallo Tower after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Banish 4 Fill 90 entries in the Collection 5
I can’t see anything… Find the Yellow Sign 50
Seeker of the Infinite Corridor Obtain the Infinite Corridor 10
Seeker of the Crimson Shroud Obtain the Crimson Shroud 10
X – Beginning Reach Level 99 with Antonio after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
VIII – Mad Groove Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Torrona’s Box Hold 6 different weapon evolutions at once 10
Omni Get Torron’as Box to Level 9 10
Cappella Magna Reach Level 80 in the Gallo Tower 5
Coffin: Cappella Magna Find and open the coffin in the Cappella Magna 20
Vento Sacro Survive 15 Minutes with Zi’Assunta 5
Fuwalafuwaloo Unite Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear 5
Hyper Cappella Magna Defeat the Trinacria in the Cappella Magna 20
Sir Amrbojoe Defeat a total of 6000 Stage Killers 10
III – Tragic Princess Reach Level 99 with Porta after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
XX- Silent Old Sanctuary Reach Minute 31 in the Dairy Plant after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Banish 5 Fill 100 entries in the collection 5
Reroll 5 Reach Level 100 with Sir Ambrojoe 5
Grim Grimoire Find the Grim Grimoire 5
Ars Gouda Find the Ars Gouda 5
Great Gospel Find the Great Gospel 20
Game Killer Defeat the final enemy in the Cappella Magna after unlocking the Randomazzo 10
Boss Rash Unlock Hyper Mode for all 5 normal stages 5
Skip 5 Survive 15 minutes in Boss Rush 10
II – Twilight Requiem Reach Level 99 with Dommario after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
I – Gemini Reach Level 99 with Pugnala after unlocking the Randomazzo 5
Forbidden Scrolls Find the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane 50
XIII – Wicked Season Reach Level 99 with Christine after finding the Randomazzo 5
Queen Sigma Complete the Collection 100
Victory Sword Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Queen Sigma 10
IX – Divine Bloodline Reach Level 99 with Suor Clerici 5
XXI – Bllod Astronomia Reach Level 99 with Poe 5
Candybox Discover every standard evolution and union. 5
Bracelet Survive 30 minutes with either Gallo or Divano 5
Tri-Bracelet Evolve the Bracelet and then the Bi-Bracelet 5
The Eduaimonia Machine Obtain all standard relics from all stages 5
Seventh Trumpet Obtain the Seventh Trumpet 10
Gracia’s Mirror Obtain Gracia’s Mirror 10
Greatest Jubilee See the Final Fireworks 50

As you can see, there are plenty of different tasks to take part in, and plenty of things to keep you occupied for many hours to come. While you may not be able to take your adventure on the go with your Nintendo Switch just yet, you’ll be able to bring this exciting title alongside you on your next trip with your Steam Deck.

While the overall point of the game is quite simple, you’ll come to find that it’s very easy to lose tremendous amounts of time, especially as you make your way toward the Greatest Jubilee and Final Fireworks. You’ll also come to find that you’ll be able to work toward unlocking secret characters, like Avatar Infernas which will allow you to work your way through demons faster than ever before.

As you continue your journey through the world of Vampire Survivors, make sure that you’re taking a look at our Vampire Survivors Guide Section. Here, you’ll be able to find out how to unlock Endless Mode, where you’ll have to fight with no clock, how to unlock the secret Eudaimonia M Stage, and what you’ll need to do to enable Twitch Mode!

Vampire Survivors is available now on PC.

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