How to Get Cyrtarachne’s Facade Hunter Exotic in Destiny 2

See through the Dark.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

One of the Hunter Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics we know about thanks to an early trailer is Cyrtarachne’s Facade. This is an Exotic Helmet strictly used by Hunters in Destiny 2. In between hunting down all of the Neomuna regional chests, here is how to get Cyrtarachne’s Facade.

How to Get Cyrtarachne’s Facade Hunter Exotic in Destiny 2

Cyrtarachne’s Facade has an Exotic perk called Acrobat’s Focus. This perk gives the Hunter using it Woven Mail after activating a Grapple. While Woven Mail is on, the Hunter also gets flinch resistance.

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The only way to get Cyrtarachne’s Facade in Destiny 2 is through Solo Legend Lost Sectors or Master Lost Sectors. There is a chance that Cyrtarachne’s Facade will drop randomly, but it is very rare.

We’ll keep you updated with the Destiny 2 Season of Defiance Lost Sector rotation, but for now, you can find all three Neomuna Lost Sectors and beat them. By doing that, you’ll know the layout and enemies of the new Lost Sectors and be able to beat them solo.

Though the choice between the Grapple and the Grenade for Stand is tough, the best Hunter Strand build should really utilize the Grapple. Along with the Grapple being good for the Strand Hunter build, it also pairs excellently with Cyrtarachne’s Facade.

If you are a Hunter, Cyrtarachne’s Facade is definitely an Exotic you’ll want to get. While it has some great stats, the main appeal is that it works really well with Strand and the Grapple. Woven Mail will keep you alive for longer and flinch resistance will allow you to perform epic snipes.

Get through the Lightfall campaign as quickly as you can so you can reach the Season of Defiance Power Cap. Once you are there, you’ll be ready to farm for Cyrtarachne’s Facade.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023