How to Get Link’s House in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK)

DIY your own new home!

by Alex Huebner
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK) immediately follows Breath of the Wild (BotW) both in release timing and franchise timeline, so many players are returning to familiar places from the previous title to see what’s new. Players may remember the side quest to buy Link’s house in Hateno Village in BotW and return there in ToTK to find that this home is now Zelda’s. However, a customizable home you get to build awaits Link in Tarrey Town. Here’s how to get Link’s House in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Complete Mattison’s Independence Side Adventure

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To begin your adventure you’ll need to find Tarrey Town in the Northeast corner of the map and begin Mattison’s Independence side adventure. Mattison is Hudson’s daughter and he and his wife, Rhondson, are preoccupied with preparing for her to leave for Gerudo Town. First, talk to Hudson and Rhondson while they are talking together at the Hudson Construction counter, then talk to Hudson separately.

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After, you can go back to where Rhondson is and ascend into Mattison’s room where you will find a diary that lists Gerudo words Mattison is trying to memorize, keep note of these. In the morning, Mattison will be with Grandma Monari to teach her Gerudo and you will need to answer the right Gerudo word. This makes her feel as though she has helped her mom feel happy while she is gone and sets off on a mission to the construction site so she can help her dad, too.

To get to the construction site, she has to sneak by Hagie to use the rail without paying. You help her do this by finding a piece of wood leaning against the house across from him and blocking his vision with it so she can cross. Once she gets there, Hudson talks about a balloon he made for Mattison and wants to make it yellow but needs ten sundelions to do so. Just float around to different sky islands to collect them. I personally went to Lindor’s Vrow Skyview Tower and floated to the sky island southwest of the tower and found all the sundelions needed, plus a shrine, and a new armor piece on one island.

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How to Get Link’s House Built

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Once you’ve given the sundelions to Hudson, the Mattison’s Independence adventure is over and the couple begins taking construction requests for dream homes. Talk to Rhondson at the counter of Hudson Construction and she will walk you through the whole idea of the dream home building. Then select “A dream home, please!” But be ready to pay 1,500 rupees to start. This unlocks the Home on Arrange quest.

At the top of the hill if you follow the path outside of Tarrey Town, then South, you’ll see a plot of land and a construction booth waiting for you. Talk to Granteson and he’ll get you started with building your home. At the very beginning, you’ll only have two rooms available, a bedroom and a foyer, but you can purchase more as you get more rupees. To build, use the Ultrahand ability to move and attach your rooms together however you’d like.

Other Building Options

After you build your initial home, there are 16 more building options as well as additional foyers and bedrooms available to customize Link’s home with.

  • Flower Bed – 250 rupees
  • Study – 250 rupees
  • Angled Room – 300 rupees
  • Foyer – 300 rupees
  • Garden Pond – 300 rupees
  • Outdoor Stairs – 300 rupees
  • Indoor Stairs – 350 rupees
  • Square Room – 350 rupees
  • Bedroom – 400 rupees
  • Blessing Room – 400 rupees
  • Furnished Angled Room – 400 rupees
  • Gallery – 400 rupees
  • Kitchen – 400 rupees
  • Paddock – 400 rupees
  • Furnished Square Room – 450 rupees
  • Bow Stand Room – 600 rupees
  • Shield Stand Room – 600 rupees
  • Weapon Stand Room – 600 rupees

- This article was updated on May 19th, 2023

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