How to Get Treasure Coordinates in Destiny 2

Need help making a Treasure Map?

by Noah Nelson


As part of the Destiny 2 Season of Plunder quest, you need to collect Treasure Coordinates, a new material type, to create a Treasure Map. You will be creating Treasure Maps all season long which means you need to know how to quickly get Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments. So, without further adieu, here is how to farm Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments in Destiny 2.

It takes 50 Treasure Coordinates to create a Basic Treasure Map and 60 for a Glimmer Treasure Map. It also requires 5 or 6 Map Fragments. Both Treasure Maps will reward you with Plundered Umbral Energy and Expedition Gear, like a God Roll Blood Feud for example. Treasure Maps are used with the Captain’s Atlas to give you an extra chest at the end of Expeditions.

How to Get Treasure Coordinates Fast in Destiny 2

Now that you know why Treasure Coordinates are so important, you can earn them by completing activities like strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, and Season of Plunder activities. Now, you’ve come here to learn how to get Treasure Coordinates quickly.

For that, you need to unlock the first Navigator Pirate Crew upgrade available at the Star Chart. Along with unlocking Halsiks the Sniper for Season of Plunder activities, you’ll also start to occasionally find Treasure Coordinates on defeated combatants. This is how you’ll get Treasure Coordinates fast in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder.

The other quick way to get Treasure Coordinates in Destiny 2 is by equipping all of the Season of Plunder armor. Each piece will grant you a 5% boost to Treasure Coordinates collected, which means you can have a 25% boost to Treasure Coordinates with a full set.

How to Get Map Fragments Fast in Destiny 2

Unlike Treasure Coordinates, Map Fragments are rarer and are required in lesser quantities. They are still required for Treasure Maps and can be earned simply by completing the Ketchcrash activity. Grind that activity to earn more Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments so you can get more Treasure Maps and therefore more loot!

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Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on August 24th, 2022

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