How to Save Everyone in The Quarry: Full Walkthrough for the Best Ending

Here's how to make sure everyone survives until dawn.

by Diego Perez


Just like in Supermassive Games’ previous titles, it’s absolutely possible to save everyone in The Quarry. All 9 of the camp counselors can survive the night at Hackett’s Quarry, even if it requires some of the bad guys to die. Keeping all the teens alive will reward you with the best ending overall and the “Rough Nighttrophy/achievement. You don’t need to keep any of the Hacketts alive in order to get the best ending, so prioritize the counselors over them in every situation. Here’s how to save everyone in The Quarry.

How to Save Every Character in The Quarry

To keep everyone alive, there are a few general rules of thumb to follow. Make sure you don’t fail any QTE sequences, be very careful with your interrupts and gunshots, and always choose the friendly or nice option when speaking to someone else. Failing QTEs usually gets someone hurt or killed, interrupts can either save or kill someone so it’s best to pause and check a guide before acting, and only saying since things will make things a lot easier overall.

To recap, keep these things in mind when trying to keep everyone alive in The Quarry:

  • Do not fail any QTEs.
  • Always choose the friendly and nice dialogue options.
  • Pause and check the outcomes of interrupts.
  • Pause and check the outcomes of shooting someone.
  • Do not hesitate to use death rewinds.
  • You can choose “Move On” when speaking to Eliza between chapters.

Who Needs to Survive for the Best Ending?

Also, keep in mind that only the camp counselors need to survive for the best ending. The Hacketts are expendable. Here’s a list of every character that needs to survive the night in order to get the best ending:

  • Laura
  • Max
  • Abigail
  • Kaitlyn
  • Nick
  • Emma
  • Ryan
  • Dylan
  • Jacob

This guide is as spoiler free as possible, but it’s impossible to discuss this without spoiling at least some things. Be warned, SPOILERS for The Quarry follow below.


The main goal in the Prologue is to pave the way for a good relationship between Laura, Max, and the cop. Select all of the compliant, friendly, and honest dialogue options to make the cop trust you. Then, choose to help Max at the end of the chapter.


Chapter 1

The first chapter of the game is mostly conversations with a few choices sprinkled in. Remember, choose the friendly dialogue options. As Jacob, the main choice you need to make is to break the fuel line. Then, make sure to break into the cabin as Abigail and pick up the toy inside.


Chapter 2

Things start to heat up in Chapter 2, and some of the choices you make here will have lasting consequences. There’s nothing too major, but things start to matter more from now on. Kick the door to get inside the store, call Jacob when you have the chance inside, and leave the fireworks where you found them.

Once you switch over to Dylan and Ryan, do not go down the hatch if you find it. Just head to the party after charging their phones. After that, you’ll switch to Nick and Abigail. You can take either Shady Glade or Rocky Road. Choose to Save Abi when given the chance.

Finally, it’s time for the shooting competition. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, so just shoot as many targets as you can. The truth or dare section after this doesn’t matter either, so just have fun with it and try to choose the least embarrassing options for everyone.


Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is where the horror really starts. It begins with Abigail walking through the woods where she eventually meets up with Nick. Call back to Nick to help him find Abigail and then kiss him when given the chance.

Once Nick is attacked, make Abigail help Nick and then choose to run instead of hide. Don’t climb the tree and then complete the hold breath sequence successfully to make it back to camp.


The next section places you in control of Jacob, and there aren’t any major choices in this section. The only exception is if you took the rotor arm instead of breaking the fuel line, in which case Jacob will have to dive into the water to retrieve it. If you’re in that situation, make sure to choose to untangle when caught in the barbed wire to keep Jacob alive. If you broke the fuel line, this scene doesn’t happen.

Next, the game cuts to Ryan. He’ll run off after Nick. Take both shortcuts and be careful not to fail the QTEs. Then, shout and shoot at the hunter to save Nick from being dragged away. Jacob is the main character for the final section of chapter 3. Do not call out when you see the prompt and don’t throw dirt at the hunters. A little blood never hurt anybody.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 isn’t too long, consisting of a few short scenes. First, you start as Ryan taking care of Nick. Apply pressure to the wound and call out when you hear movement in the bushes. Don’t shoot. It’s Jacob.

Next up, you’ll take control of Emma, who’s all alone on the island. She’ll find herself in a chase sequence. Make sure you choose to spray, block the door, and then use the trapdoor to keep her alive. As long as you don’t fail any QTEs, Emma will use a toolbox to block the trapdoor and stop the creature.


Next up is Dylan, who’s with the rest of the group. There’s a bunch of dialogue here, but the only choice that matters is to give the gun away. Then it’s back to Emma for the final bit of the chapter. Choose to reel slowly and do not speed up under any circumstances if you want to keep Emma alive.

Chapter 5

At the beginning of Chapter 5, you can play the conversation between Nick and Abi any way you want. Nick is too sick for anything to matter. In the next scene with Kaitlyn, do not fail any of the QTEs.

After Kaitlyn’s dangerous encounter, it’s back to the room with Abi and Nick. Choose to hide and then successfully complete the hold breath sequence to get everyone out of the lodge safely.


The last (and most stressful) bit of the chapter is spent with Dylan and Ryan in the radio hut. The dialogue choices don’t matter in the beginning. Do not shoot the creature on the roof. When Dylan gets attacked, use the chainsaw to sever his hand.

That’s the end of Chapter 5, which didn’t end too well for Dylan. Thankfully, the actions taken during this chapter will save multiple lives in the long run.

Chapter 6

The beginning of Chapter 6 sees Jacob and Emma meeting up again. It’s also where things take a turn for the worse. Choose to hide to keep them alive and then choose to pry open after the hold breath sequence.

After that exciting encounter, you will swap over to Kaitlyn and the rest of the group. Intervene when prompted and choose to help Nick. You’ll then take control of Abi. After exploring for a bit, talk to Nick to progress the story. Nick will become a huge monster, and you have to shoot Nick with the shotgun or he’ll kill Abigail. Don’t worry though, because Nick isn’t dead once you shoot him.


Now it’s time for the final sequence of the chapter. Do not run when given the option, and then choose to open the door. That’s it for Chapter 6, and we’re nearing the end of the game at this point. Things are rough, but thankfully, everyone’s still around so far.

Chapter 7

This chapter is packed with dialogue, filling in the blanks on what has happened with Laura and Max since the opening of the game. Be as compliant as possible, choosing these options to make the cop like you. Do whatever he says and answer his questions, don’t be difficult. Do not call out our lash out in any of the scenes in this chapter. Be kind to Max as well.

When you have the opportunity to walk around Laura’s cell, grab the spoon from the window above the bed and then use it to remove a loose stone from the left wall.

In the next scene, you’ll be able to explore the police station.  Go and get the syringe from a locker in an upstairs office. After obtaining the syringe, return to your cell and hide it in the empty space behind the loose stone. Then, go to sleep.


In the next scene, do not take Travis’ gun. When Laura and Max enact their escape plan, successfully complete the QTE to sedate Travis with the syringe. That’s the end of the flashback, so just show the bite to the counselors and that’s it for the chapter. The dialogue in the small section with Jacob afterward doesn’t matter.

Chapter 8

The first half of this chapter just features Ryan and Laura exploring together. Choose all the nice and flirty options when you have the chance. The game will swap back to Kaitlyn eventually for a brief snippet of dialogue, but those choices don’t matter.

In the basement of the Hackett house, you’ll find Jacob locked in a cage. Do not open attempt to open the cage at first since it is electrified. Also, make sure to interrupt Laura since she’ll shoot the werewolf in the cage. That’s Nick, so you can’t let her kill him.


After that, choose to help Jacob and free him from the cage. The solution to the breaker puzzle is as follows:

  1. Breaker 1
  2. Breaker 2
  3. Continue
  4. Breaker 2
  5. Breaker 3

This will free Jacob and get him out of the Hackett house safely. That’s all for this chapter and the night is almost over. It’s time for some bloodshed.

Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, you’re going to deal with most of the Hackett family. When Laura and the old woman struggle for the gun, mash the button to shoot the lady and save Laura. Make sure you don’t miss any QTEs here since mistakes can be deadly.

Ryan will get stabbed, but he’ll be fine. Do not pull the knife out under any circumstances. As Ryan, investigate the cabinet on the right of the room and then examine the bed in the center. Then, go through the left door to move to the next scene. Choose to hide in the cabinet and then complete the hold breath sequence.


You’ll then swap back to Laura. Choose to hide and complete another hold breath sequence. When you go to the next room, you’ll be attacked by the old man. Complete the QTE and choose to attack. Successfully complete the QTE to kill him and save Laura.

Next, it’s back to Ryan. Don’t mess up the QTEs and then complete a hold breath event to stay alive. When prompted to stab the hunter, do so. This will get him killed later, so that’s one less Hackett left. Now, the most important choice of this chapter is to accept the bite from Laura. Otherwise, Ryan will die. Do not pull away.


The game then cuts to Dylan and Kaitlyn at the scrapyard. When Dylan spots the werewolf approaching, choose to warn Kaitlyn and then sound the horn. Do not mess up the QTEs or Dylan will die.

After that exciting excursion, you’ll play as Abigail in the basement of the lodge. Explore the area to find silver shells in a fuse box, making sure to not climb the ladder until you have them. Once you climb the ladder into the lodge, you’ll swap back to Laura for the final bit of the chapter.

After some cutscenes, Laura will finally turn. This is fine, we’re about to save her anyway. When you get control of the gun, shoot the werewolf in front of you. That’s Chris Hackett, and killing him will not only save Ryan’s life but also cure mostly everyone. Travis won’t kill Laura since she was compliant earlier, and now the trio will work together to put an end to things once and for all in the final chapter.

Chapter 10

The night is nearly over, but there are still plenty of ways for people to die in the climax. This chapter starts you out as Max, who is now cured of his werewolf curse. Walk to the docks of the island but do not swim across. Choose to stay on the island and wait. Swimming across will kill him as there’s a werewolf waiting for him on the other side of the water.

After the Max section, you’re back to playing as Kaitlyn as she prepares for her final stand. Go upstairs and prepare for attack. During the final showdown, choose to run and then choose the beam. Do not fail the QTE. Then, choose to run once more. When you hear Abi call out, investigate the noise to receive silver bullets. Then, shoot the werewolf to kill Caleb Hackett.


Next up is the final scene of the game. Remember, don’t fail any of the QTEs. Use a death rewind if you mess up. Choose to grab the gun and then take cover. Give the vial to Ryan and then raise your gun to shoot Silas. That’s the end of The Quarry! Every camp counselor will still be alive at this point if you followed this guide the entire time.

For an additional twist, if you want to kill Travis Hackett to get the Family Matters trophy/achievement for killing every last Hackett, then do not raise your gun at Silas. Travis will get angry, and if you fail the QTE, he’ll be killed. Then, you can just shoot Silas like you normally would.

The Quarry is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on June 10th, 2022

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