Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Start Space Time Distortions

A small rift can bring in many familiar visitors...

by Elliott Gatica


A very interesting event that happens in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the space-time distortions. It’s linked heavily to the lore of the game, which that particular event is the reason how you ended up in the Hisui region in the first place. There are also huge gameplay incentives to partake in them when they do happen, so here, we’ll tell you what they are and how to start them.

How to start Space-Time Distortions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Space-time distortions can only occur after defeating or stopping the frenzy of the first Noble PokemonKleavor. As you progress in the story and hit the second open-world instance, Akari will mention that she’ll be focusing her surveying duties on these anomalies. It might not be the biggest thing to keep in mind as she tells you that.

You should pay attention to it though because it can happen in any area after that. You can’t start one on your own like changing the time of day. They’re random events that the game will give you an indicator for when they happen.


In my experience playing, these tend to spawn more in the nighttime. When one starts to form, you should look up to the sky to see the affected area starting to flash. You’ll definitely want to go into it as dangerous as it sounds because you can encounter a flurry of unique Pokemon ranging from the non-Hisuian Sneasel or even the other starter Pokemon.

Come prepared with many Poke Balls and curatives as you’ll oftentimes find yourself outnumbered in battles. The hectic nature of these distortions brings in Pokemon that can be a bit higher level than the ones you currently have in your party. Having a party of Pokemon with different and diverse types will help you fight off or even snag a few of these rarities.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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