10 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Ranked

Want all the rare Pokemon? Find out who to search for!

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers continue to scrape every square inch of the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they’ll come to find that some Pokemon are much easier to find than others. No matter if it’s due to a strange evolution method, or where they are located, capturing all 400 Pokemon is no small task.

However, when it comes to the finer details, players will be able to capture everything if they’ve got the determination to do so. That means searching far and wide, as these 10 Pokemon are bound to be some of the most troublesome to capture or evolve in the game.

Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While some players may have had extreme luck in getting their hands on these particular Pokemon, other players have not been so lucky. Let’s dive right in and see who made the cut for this list.

10. Slackoth


While Slackoth’s evolutions may be easier to find in the wild, this first evolution is one of the hardest to spot. Since they only like to hang out in trees and high locations, players will need to check every nook and cranny to ensure that they’ve finally found one. Or, if they’re lucky enough, just take the time and breed for one using another Pokemon, as it is honestly simpler than checking every tree that trainers encounter.

9. Three Segment Dudunsparce


While the Two Segment Dudunsparce may be quite commonplace, players hoping to get the rarer variant are going to need to put in the work to obtain it. Players have been hoping for a proper evolution for Dunsparce since their introduction, and while its evolution may be slightly troll some, Dudunsparce’s Three Segment evolution is something that players have started hunting for like mad. However, there is no guaranteed method to obtain it, just hoping that the RNG Gods are kind to the player.

8. Three Mouse Maushold


While Maushold may be one of the most adorable new Pokemon featured within the Paldea region, players have found that there is another variant available. The family of Three Maushold seems to be the harder variant to obtain, and much like Dudunsparce above, there is no proper way to obtain one without a bit of luck. Players may be lucky to see that they’ve encountered one in the wild, or evolved enough to finally get one of their own.

7. Water/Fire Paldean Tauros


While plenty of Paldean Tauros can be found in the wild, the leader of the pack is the hard one to capture in the wild. Players will be able to find a version exclusive Paldean Tauros that has been imbued with either Water/Fighting or Fire/Fighting-types, making this a formidable foe for anyone hoping to capture one. However, this could be trouble, especially if players don’t know where to look, search for large packs of Tauros in the wild, and Trainers may be lucky enough to encounter these forms.

6. Zoroark


Players hoping to add this shape-shifting Pokemon to their team will once again need to rely on the power of luck or use a helpful trick to identify them. As players continue their journey across the lands of Paldea, certain Pokemon may not be as they seem, as they could actually be a Zoroark in disguise. Make sure to target any Pokemon you see, especially ones that have already been captured, to ensure that it is what it looks like.

5. Ditto


Much like Zoroark, Ditto is another trickster that likes to show up at the most random of times. Utilizing the same trick as mentioned above, players will be able to target and locate Ditto in the wild by using the ZL Button. This will target the closest Pokemon to the player, and display what they truly are below the surface. If the player is lucky, they’ll come across a Ditto, which is a welcome addition to any team for its incredible breeding capabilities.

4. Applin


Much like Slakoth above, Applin is another difficult Pokemon to find, due to their habitat. As they like to hang out in trees, players will need to dash into trees whenever they see an Applin appear on their minimap for a chance to capture one of these elusive Dragon-type Pokemon. However, what makes them more difficult to find than Slakoth is their general size, as they are quite tiny. Make sure to pay attention to the sides of trees after ramming them, as Applin can appear as a small dot on the screen, depending on their overall size.

3. Frigibax


Another new addition to the roster, players will need to search the coldest areas for a chance to encounter a Frigibax. They’re a rare spawn, so players on the hunt for one of these adorable little creatures will need to employ a fair bit of patience before getting their hands on one, finally. Glaseado Mountain is where they reside, so players need to ensure that they’re ready for some high-level encounters before searching for this particular Pokemon.

2. Antique Form Sinistea


While Sinistea may be a fairly common Pokemon to encounter, finding the Antique Form is going to require some patience. With only a small stamp of authenticity to differentiate between the Phony and Antique forms, players will need to employ a sharp eye if they’re hoping to capture one of these in the wild. Thankfully, players breeding for one of these Pokemon may have a better chance of spotting this stamp, as they are quite small in the overworld.

1. Charizard


This one is a little bit of a cheap choice, but since they were only available for a limited time (until Pokemon Home support finally comes to the game, that is), Charizard is easily one of the rarest Pokemon currently available in these titles. Taking place as a 7-Star Raid, gamers that had to take on this massive and powerful beast can tell you the horror stories of their battles against this creature. However, those that captured one can showcase it as a badge of honor.

Now that Trainers know who they should be searching for on their adventures, players have plenty to keep an eye on in their upcoming adventures. While this list reflects our personal thoughts, there are plenty of rare Pokemon to find in the world, especially their Shiny variants. Get out there and become the champion of Paldea while finding these amazing beasts!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 31st, 2022

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