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Destiny 2 – Bungie Reveals Big Changes for Season of the Worthy

The Season 10 artifact looks... sharp. Here's what else is in store.

by Jess Menga


The Destiny 2 seasonal artifact for the Season of the Worthy, dubbed “Warmind Khanjali,” was teased on Twitter by Bungie director Luke Smith earlier this month, and there was very little information attached to it. But today, with just a week left before the start of the new season on March 10th, Bungie has a lot more to reveal. Here’s the scoop.

Trials of Osiris, Here to Stay

It’s no secret that the Trials of Osiris are making a comeback in Season 10, but today, Bungie announced that the competitive 3v3 Crucible game mode is here to stay. Whether that means we’ll be seeing Trials continue on through the seasons is currently unknown, but it seems to be largely dependent on its success. With the game publisher hard at work on adjusting weapons and subclasses to improve the Power-enabled PvP matches in some balancing moves that have been rampantly criticized by some in the community, only time will tell what the future holds in terms of longevity for this game mode. At the very least, we can safely expect Trials to persist all throughout the Season of the Worthy, starting March 13th and continuing every weekend thereafter. 

For those who are new to the game mode, Trials favors those fireteams that go flawless and accumulate consecutive victories against their opponents. The teams that prove themselves Worthy of this challenge will receive Pinnacle gear and other exclusive rewards, such as VIP access to the newly restored Lighthouse for those teams that win seven consecutive matches. Trials will be free for all players who are Light level 960 or above, and those who do not succeed at first will have numerous opportunities to improve their tactics and return to the competition in any of the following weekends. For those who want to prepare, consider forming your 3-Guardian fireteam now and start practicing in the Crucible’s Elimination playlist. Since Power levels will be enabled in Trials (unlike in Elimination), strategy and communication will be imperative for those who crave victory in this gritty game mode.

Exotic Weapons and Gear Revealed


Bungie leaked the Exotic weapon above, called “Tommy’s Matchbook,” with the description, “Tommy the Ghost presents us with a token of goodwill. Sure, it might just be a match, but all a Guardian needs to light up the darkness is a spark.” The weapon will be acquired through the Season Pass much like Symmetry was in Season 9: faster for paid Season Pass holders, but available to all nonetheless (with a little extra grinding if you can’t fork out the cash). While there isn’t any other information currently available on it, we think it’s safe to assume it will belong to the fire Energy class… just an inkling. But regardless of our limited knowledge, we’re stoked for this one, and we can’t wait to see what other Season 10 weapons the developers have up their sleeves.

Some of these weapons might not be all that new, though. OG Destiny fans, prepare to reign in your excitement: the 4th Horseman is making a comeback, and it’s looking sweet as ever.


After making its debut in Year 2 of D1, this Exotic shotgun is back and ready to ignite all of your close-quarters apocalyptic needs. The catch? You have to be a paid Season Pass holder to add this one to your arsenal.

Also for paid Season Pass holders, four more exclusive weapons have just been leaked by the developer with nothing but this picture to ponder (and attached metadata pointing to their grouping as Seraph weapons):


So, are you ready to buy that Season Pass yet? If not, that’s okay. There’s something for everybody in Destiny 2, like this gear Bungie just revealed:


Not too shabby, this armor is a step up from the Virtuous gear set of the Season of Dawn, in my opinion. You’re certainly welcome to disagree. Personally, I’m more excited for my Guardian to sport the D1 Trials armor (exhibit 1, exhibit 2) that will also be making a comeback for Season 10, but maybe I’m just old school.

Whichever items or activities you feel most pumped for, you can be sure to find more info on Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy here as it’s released. In the meantime, check out these guides for the best Legendary and Exotic weapons you can use to practice for Trials. Have fun and be triumphant, Guardian!

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