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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Launching on December 6th

According to numerous reports, the new Xbox 360 dashboard will release early next month, December 6th to be exact.  The new dashboard brings about a completely redesigned user interface for Xbox 360 players that is designed to bring the PC, Mobile, and Console together.

Nintendo Unveils 3DS Holiday Bundles

Nintendo has just revealed the new holiday bundles for their 3DS handheld. Starting later this week, retailers will be offering two new limited edition varieties of the handheld with aesthetic changes and a bundled game.

Kojima “Probably” Making Metal Gear Solid 5

Last week gamers got excited about the possibility of Metal Gear Solid, when a cover story for The Offical PlayStation Magazine featured series creator, Hideo Kojima. While many reports concluded that Metal Gear Solid 5 was a certainty, the developer didn't make any official announcements in the interview.

Square Enix Confirms Another Hitman Title

Square Enix's new Montreal studio will open in 2012, and when it does, the developer has confirmed that a new Hitman title will be handled by the new studio. As opposed to a non-premium quality game, the publisher notes that this newly confirmed Hitman title will be "a new premium quality game".

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