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Battlefield 3 To Offer Exclusives to Pre-Order Customers

Battlefield 3 has been hyped up for months now as the game that will challenge CoD's domination on this generation's current multiplayer, and it is certainly shaping up that way. But for a game that is supposed to improve upon many of CoD's weaknesses, Battlefield 3 may wind up with one very essential flaw

Duke Nukem Forever Dead on Arrival in the US?

Duke Nukem Forever launches in the United States at midnight tonight, but many critics have already weighed in on the title which took a decade and half to complete. Right now the game is getting decidedly horrid reviews from all the major gaming websites, or at least the ones that Metacritic uses in its scoring system.

Modern Warfare 3, Robert Bowling Reveals All

Creative Strategist for the Modern Warfare franchise, Robert Bowling, is revealing all he can about Activision's upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Fans of the franchise have plenty of questions about the game, and what kind of changes are coming that they should be aware of.

Homefront Studios Closed

Today THQ confirmed that it would making a strategic realignment of its internal studio structure, closing Homefront developer, Kaos Studios. More simply put, it would be cutting costs by shuddering two of its expensive to operate facilities in Kaos Studios (New York) and THQ Digital Warrington (UK).

Mario Party 9 Definitely Headed to the Wii

Nintendo hinted at the possibility of a new Mario Party game, at their E3 Press Event last Tuesday, and have recently released new screenshots and video of the game, to confirm that in fact this is a real thing that will be happening in the future.

Halo CE Remake Preview

Halo 2 marked the first time that fans of the franchise could get online and play with each other via Xbox Live, but that didn't stop players from playing the original Halo CE via system link. 10 years later and the evolution of Xbox Live affords players the luxury of playing through six of the best multiplayer maps from the original.

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