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Next PS3 SKU Rumored Hack Proof

The PS3 jailbreak that was released last summer was the precursor for things to come for Sony, as things became progressively worse for the console maker. George Hotz's USB based jailbreak made it extremely easy to jailbreak the PS3, which opened it's security to allow installation of packages among other things, like installation of custom firmwares that allowed piracy, game hacks, and other vulnerabilities.

Bulletstorm Echoes Walkthrough for Most Points

Bulletstorm has been out for roughly a day now, and like many you are probably starting to get your feet wet in the numerous Echoes challenges the game offers. The mode which lets you compete with the online network for the top points and bragging rights amongst your freinds, has a method behind it's madness.

Pokemon Black and White Bundles Revealed

Rest easy Pokémon fans , you will be happy to find out that the Pokémon Black and White bundles that were released in Japan last year will be coming to North America. The bundle will come with either Pokémon Black or White, and a Nintedo DSi of the respective game color and theme withe game's name engraved on the casing.

PS3 Still Not Maxed Out, says Guerrilla Games

With each 1st party PS3 release, we've been treated to games that have offered insane visuals, each trying to top and one up it's predecessor. Uncharted 2, God of War 3, and now most recently, Killzone 3 which offers 3D support which should burden your resources when making a game.

The best feature of Killzone 3 is multiplayer

The community has now populated the online servers for Killzone 3, and with the game's release the full power of the game's competitive multiplayer suite is now showcasing it's capabilities and potential for longevity. What you're gonna find when you fire up Killzone 3's multiplayer component is a completely engaging and addicting multiplayer experience.

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